Hi Matt,

I have to thank you and your entire team for all that you are doing. If Eric hasn’t expressed his enthusiasm and appreciation to you, he has to me almost every day. He is loving his Pyramind education, and I see (hear) real progress being made thanks to you and your team. I view the decision to enable Eric to pursue his passion of making music as one of my best. The guy is just soaking it up and I’m delighted by that.
— Kelly L (Parent of Pyramind Training Graduate)

What did Pyramind do for me that I can’t do for myself? One word: Contacts. Old cliche “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Especially true in this business. The teachers are not only world class, but have been in the biz for decades. They have some very important relationships. Hell, Steffen’s Guest Lectures are worth the admissions alone.

I could teach myself the software (although not as well as these guys can), but the contacts and relationships established while at this school, would be out of my reach most likely. I now work at the best video game developer in the country, have keys to a world class studio (not the school’s), and am in talks with another studio to score a film. All because of Pyramind’s help. 100%.
— Camden S. (Video Game Program Graduate)
You wanna know what did Pyramind do for me that I couldn’t do for myself? Simply giving me the training, the knowledge and the skills to fully understand the audio production and post production world, how to use Pro Tools like a pro (I’ve been using Logic Pro for years and thought that it was the best software for recording, I was wrong!!), and if I have a job at Talking House Production (one of the biggest record labels here in the city) it’s only cause the skills that I’ve got thru my path at Pyramind. What do I regret most about going to Pyramind? That one of the best year of my life is freaking over and that I don’t have free access to all those amazing studios and recording room anymore (you get free studio time throughout your whole year there, and it’s amazing; without even saying how friendly and usefull all the teachers are).
— Andrea I. (Complete Program Graduate)

Dana is LOVING your program, and continues to compliment the quality of the staff. He is comparing it to the Expressions Center, as he has friends there, and his friends now want to come to Pyramind.
— Candace M. (Parent of Pyramind Training Student)