Audio Fundamentals


101 // 110 // 201


Watching Matt Boudreau mic up a complete drum set and record at Broken Radio was mind blowing. Without doing much EQ wise or Mixing, just his micing techniques alone all ready made it sound better then anything else I worked on.
— Max Savage (Engineer / Producer)

Tutorials & Tips via Pyramind's YouTube Channel: 


Audio Fundamentals 101 / 110

An introduction to sound. Students will explore the concept of what sound really is, both scientifically and musically. We will study the flow of sound in the live room and into the studio, from moving waves to electrons and then to bits and bytes.

Students will perform their first recordings of common instruments and will process those recordings with the WAVES A tools as a preparation for the WAVES Certification exam.  

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • Role of the producer
  • Life cycle of Sound
  • The function and parts of the project studio
  • Tour of major recording complexes
  • Microphones
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) and basic mixing
  • Microphones and Mic techniques 

Audio Fundamentals 201

This 15-week class is about the practical usage of audio fundamentals. Students will engage recordings towards a completed song, use post-production techniques to tighten and clean up the recordings with editing, and process them with the latest DSP tools. 

Topics include:

  • Drum Mic Techniques
  • OMF/ AAF workflow
  • Setting up a session for Post
  • Basic Foley recording/ editing
  • Creating a DME mix
  • Intro to Noise Reduction
  • Dialog replacement
  • Creating stems for delivery