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Digital DJ'ing Instructor

After graduating high school, Shawn decided to take the next step and start producing his own original music. Shawn has performed at many world renowned venues & events including; Avalon Hollywood, Ruby Skye, The Regency Ballroom, Fox Theater, Sunrise Event Center, LovEvolution, Control LA/SF, Insomniac Awakening, etc. He has performed with artists such as; Noisia, Zedd, Sub Focus, Jack Beats, Madeon, Tommy Trash, Dada Life, The M Machine, The Chainsmokers, LA Riots, Blasterjaxx, and many more. Shawn currently holds a residency at Ruby Skye nightclub & Control in San Francisco under his solo alias ‘M3RC’. 

Liam Shy

Ableton Live Performance Instructor

Liam Shy is a dynamic and passionate audiophile, dedicated to the world of sounds his entire life. His work includes being a Music Producer, DJ, Sound Designer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Instructor and advocate for the electronic music community. Liam graduated from Pyramind Training in 2009 specializing in Music Production, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering. He has worked professionally as a Sound Designer and Composer including work on titles for the Wii and nationally broadcasted television commercials.

I really enjoyed the classes. I feel I can go into any venue now and rock it, CDJs, LIVE or my custom setup.
— Peter Clark (EMP Graduate)

DJ’ing 101: Digital DJ’ing with Traktor:

This ground-up look at the art of DJ’ing begins with the basic fundamentals of beat matching, followed by more advanced techniques such as 4 deck mixing, Traktor, effects, EQ, levels, stage presence and psychology, track selection, setup and more.

With classes capped at no more than 10 people, students get ample time with the instructor and the opportunity to practice on Pyramind’s DJ rig and sound system during evening hours.

The class culminates with each student performing a 15 minute mix. The highest scoring student earns the opportunity to DJ at a Pyramind or partner event in San Francisco.  

Topics include:

  • DJ Fundamentals & Equipment Overview
  • CDJ 2000 & Zone 92 in-depth look
  • Integration of Traktor with CDJs
  • EQ, Effects & Traktor overview
  • Song Structure, Harmonic Mixing & Genre Mixing
  • Track Selection, Crowd Read, Stage Presence & Promotion
  • Midi Mapping & Advanced Traktor Techniques 

DJ’ing 110: Live Performance with Ableton Live:

his powerful class explores the creative capacity of Ableton Live in a performance environment. Expanding on Pyramind’s Live 101 class as well as the DJ 101 class, the course will initially establish a working knowledge of many of Ableton’s core performance tools including warping, looping, clip management, effects and DJ set layout.  

Topics include:

  • DJ technique with clips in Ableton
  • Live looping
  • Multi-Sample Mapping
  • Synthesis Tools for live sets
  • Real-time instrument processing
  • Interfacing Ableton with other musicians on stage
  • Effect rack creation and customization
  • MIDI setup and customization
  • MIDI controller overview and customization 

Tutorials & Tips via Pyramind's YouTube Channel: