Music Theory and Piano

Music Theory 101 // 110

Piano 101 // 110

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— Wylie L. (Pyramind Graduate)

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Music Theory 101/110

An introduction to the theory and application of music. Infused with both piano skills and ear training, this fundamental class sets the foundational knowledge for all music and is a must have for any serious producer. Students will find this to be one of the more difficult classes as well as the most rewarding, as it is a very powerful component to any good producer’s arsenal of skills.

Topics include:

• The Major Scale
• Dyads
• Intervals
• Triads
• The Relative Minor
• Common Cadences
• Melody and Harmony
• Voice Leading
• Circle of fifths and fourths
• Key signatures
• Written notation

Piano Skills 101/110

This workshop class follows the music theory curriculum and puts the theory knowledge into the students’ fingers. This class helps accelerate the student’s skills on the piano as well as accelerate the understanding of music theory.

Topics include:

• One and two-hand techniques
• Hand forms for Major and Minor scales
• Triads
• Triad Inversions
• Common Cadences in various keys
• Working with the Blues Form
• Voice Leading