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Thanks for everything this school has done for me. It has been nothing but the best experience for me and I’m really starting to understand the flows of these programs.
— Matthew Allen (Ableton Online Student)

Ableton Live Producers Certificate Program

Starts July 6th, 2015

12-Month Program

This six-class program gives you the full exposure to producing in Ableton Live. In one year you will progress through Live learning the DAW right along side Music Theory, Sound Design, Advanced Production and Mixing.

Courses & Schedule:

  • First Semester: Welcome to Ableton Live
  • Second Semester: Ableton Live InDepth & Synthesis and Sound Design in Live
  • Third Semester: Music Theory in Live & Advanced Production in Live
  • Fourth Semester: Mixing and Mastering with Ableton Live

Other benefits include:

  • Eligibility for academic pricing on Ableton Live 9 Standard & Suite
  • Payment Plans available for qualified applicants. Pay as you go!
  • Live Certification Testing
  • Beatport Production Loop Collection
  • Pyramind Hoodie (Only upon successful Completion of Program)

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Ableton Live Individual Online Classes

Welcome to Ableton Live

Next Start Date: July 6th, 2015

Pyramind’s Welcome to Ableton Live online class is the first step in a series of certification courses. This class lays the groundwork for gaining a comprehensive knowledge of Live, one of the most widely used tools for producing and performing music at a professional level. From the start, the course emphasizes the importance of establishing an effective workflow and covers everything you need to know to get started using Ableton.

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  • Welcome to Ableton Live

  • Recording Audio

  • Introduction to Warping

  • Working with MIDI

  • Ableton Effect Devices

  • Automation & Mixing

  • And much more! 

Ableton Live InDepth:

Next Start Date: July 6th, 2015

This class focuses on using the devices built in to Live Suite. Now that the basics are covered, this deep-dive into the elements of Live becomes the foundation for making your unique sounds. Each and every device will be explored in depth and substantial time will be spent on synthesis, sound design, using FX and advanced management techniques.

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  • Analog synthesis techniques
  • Frequency Modulation synthesis (Operator)
  • Modeled synthesis
  • Sampling
  • Racks and FX, building custom FX racks & more
  • Advanced techniques and file management

Music Theory with Ableton Live

Next Start Date: July 6th, 2015

Hosted by owner, co-founder and Chief Academic Officer Matt Donner, this must have class is for every user of Ableton Live and walks you through the theory – and practical usages – of music’s most fundamental language. Learn why the best songs all use the “rules” of theory – and how to break those rules for maximum creativity!

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  • The basics of Rhythm
  • Working with tempo
  • Major scale, notes, their relationship to the keyboard
  • Triads, chords, two-chord progressions, cadences, major vs minor chords
  • Other major keys, the circle of 5ths/ 4ths
  • Moving beyond the Major scale, the Minor key C
  • Chord progressions in minor, how to find chords that match each other
  • Chord subistutions

Synthesis and Sound Design in Ableton Live

Next Start Date: July 6th, 2015

This is an introductory Sound Design course led by Sound designer/Producer Taylor Elsasser. The focus of this course is to demystify the basic forms of synthesis used in modern day music and general sound design. This class emphasizes the fundamental techniques commonly used on many instruments while drawing parallels to how many synthesizers have similar functionality. 

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  • Subtractive synthesis (analog)
  • Fm Synthesis (operator)
  • Simpler/sampler
  • Working with audio/Warping
  • Granulator (Max for live)
  • Patch Creation
  • Drum sampling

Advanced Production with Ableton Live

Next Start Date: July 6th, 2015

This is an advanced production class that uses Ableton Live to produce music with an emphasis on Aesthetics, Arrangement, Production, and Mixing. The class focuses on production techniques and strategies for developing your own unique sound when composing and producing with Ableton Live. This class explores a high level of detail with Ableton’s tools and devices (instruments, effects, racks, etc) and students are required to engage in discussions about musical aesthetics, arrangement, and production techniques.

Students are required to show examples of their work through out the term and to collaborate with other students in the class. Learning outcomes for the class are structured so the student will gain knowledge of the following topics:

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  • Building of original multi-layered sounds
  • Complex drum programming and arrangement
  • Create engaging and innovative bass lines, lead lines
  • Create interesting arrangements and sound design
  • Learn professional mixing techniques
  • Learn to collaborate with other student producers
  • Final collaborative project

Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live

Next Start Date: July 6th, 2015

The Ableton Live version of Pyramind’s acclaimed Mixing & Mastering class: This unique educational process in this class puts the student in the driver’s seat. Every two weeks for 12 weeks, student projects and mixes will be dissected in a setting to determine what works and what doesn’t using a set of specified objective criteria.

This class synthesizes ALL of the subjects learned to date through our prerequisite Ableton Live courses– from music theory to songwriting, production tools and engineering concepts– as the students realize what a piece of music actually goes through to be finished! 

Pre-requisite: Pyramind's Advanced Production with Ableton Live online course or equivalent production experience

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  • Maximizing song arrangement during the mix process
  • Dissecting & understanding emotional arc
  • Delivery levels
  • Balancing the elements of the song
  • Advanced automation & FX
  • Tones and depth of sound
  • Cleaning up noisy tracks
  • EQ and compression in action
  • Sub-mixes
  • Mastering
  • Explore plugins from top manufacturers 
  • Mix your own music during the course or use one of Liam’s unmixed tracks