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I have Lynda and MacProVideo accounts, but watching those videos just isn’t the same. I love knowing I’m following a program that is geared towards earning certification from Apple and these programs have exactly what I was looking for.
— Jesse Volner (Logic X Certificate Program Student)

Logic Pro X Producers Certificate Program

Pyramind is an Apple Authorized Training Center

Starts October 5th, 2015

9-Month Program

If you’ve ever looked up Logic tutorials on the web, chances are you’ve already ‘met’ your instructor for the majority of our Logic courses – Dave Earl, a.k.a. sflogicninja. By the end of this nine month Program, the Ninja will have prepared you for Logic certification, taught you advanced music production techniques, as well as mixing and mastering in Logic X. You’ll also learn synthesis and sound design from synth-guru David 7 Skies (Anjunabeats), giving you an arsenal of production chops to carry with you on your musical journey.

Courses & Schedule:

  • First Semester: Welcome to Logic (An Apple Certification course)
  • Second Semester: Synthesis and Sound Design in Logic with 7 Skies & Logic Pro X InDepth
  • Third Semester: Advanced Mixing and Mastering with Logic

Other benefits include:

  • Beatport Production Loop Collection
  • Pyramind Hoodie (Only upon successful Completion of Program)


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Logic Pro X Individual Online Classes

Pyramind is an Apple Authorized Training Center

Welcome to Logic Pro X:

(Logic Certification Prep Course)

Next Start Date: October 5th, 2015

This course, hosted by YouTube Logic guru David Earl (sflogicninja), introduces students to Logic X's primary features and basic user interface. Students learn how to generate a customized audio and MIDI configuration that will seamlessly integrate with their own personal production studio. Students also create their own song using Logic X's comprehensive array of software instruments, Apple Loops and DSP effects. In-depth lessons cover MIDI and audio recording, streamlined editing and arrangement techniques, user defined key commands, automation, scoring to picture and surround mixing. A troubleshooting section helps students to set up and optimize a Logic system effectively.

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  • Estimated work load - 3-6 hours per week

  • 8 Sections of course work

  • 2 Assignments

  • Preparation for Apple Certification (Test Required)

Synthesis & Sound Design in Logic Pro X

Synthesis & Sound Design with 7 Skies

Next Start Date: October 5th, 2015

In this incredible, instructor-led class, Trance and House producer David 7-Skies from Anjunabeats will take you through the amazing world of synthesis and sound design in Logic. Any electronic music producer using Logic will want this class as David not only demystifies how each synth works, he'll show you how to craft that sound you're looking for. David will also deconstruct popular tracks and show you how to recreate that winning sound that's tearing up the charts right now!

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  • Synthesis basics
  • Envelopes, LFO's, filters, and amplifiers
  • Recreating existing sounds
  • How to add dimension and motion to your sound
  • How to choose the right synth for "that sound"
  • Ear training
  • Using audio effects to process your sound
  • Advanced synthesis techniques
  • David's "secret alternative techniques"
Pyramind is an Apple Authorized Training Center

Logic Pro X InDepth:

Next Start Date: October 5th, 2015

In this class, the Logic Ninja (David Earl) picks up right where he left off in the Welcome to Logic class.  David will take you through the advanced steps he uses to create music for games, videos, and artists across the planet.  Formerly a Logic Level 2 Certification course, this class-remix is now dedicated to advanced production techniques using Logic Pro X.  This class is meant for intermediate Logic users who have taken our Welcome to Logic course or have comparable experience. 

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  • Increasing productivity through the use of templates
  • Creating a custom template with custom icons
  • Grouping and stacking 
  • Organization of the song and files
  • Correcting timing issues 
  • Perfecting vocal performances
  • Beat mapping
  • Detailed views of the software instruments
  • Advanced drum programming
  • Advanced side chaining with Ultrabeat
  • Advanced MIDI functions and the environment
  • Advanced mixing
  • Sharing assets, exporting stems and preparing for delivery
  • Mastering
  • Surround sound basics