Thanks again Steve for meeting with me and taking time out of your day to go over the material and answer questions. Taking this class has been nothing but awesome!
— DJ Rich Soul (Reason Online Student)

Reason Producers Certificate Program

Propellerhead Reason Online Course

Starts September 28th, 2015

9-Month Program

This three-course program will turn you into a Reason guru, flying around the virtual studio environment with ease and precision. Your first class covers the ins and outs of the software itself, while the later classes dive into two of the most important and sought after skills for any producer- sound design and mixing.

Courses & Schedule:

  • First Semester: Welcome To Reason
  • Second Semester:  Synthesis and Sound Design in Reason
  • Third Semester: Mixing and Mastering in Reason

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    Reason - Individual Online Classes

    Propellerhead Reason Online Course

    Welcome To Reason:

    Next Start Date: September 28th, 2015

    A great way to get started with Reason, this course covers the basics of how to get your ideas into Reason as well as a grand tour of the tools, routing and editing.  Great for people brand new to Reason as well as folks who’ve taught themselves but want to “fill in the blanks”.

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    • Setting up Reason the first time

    • Getting sound in/ out

    • Getting MIDI in/out

    • Get to know the devices

    • Learn about effects and sound routing

    • Recording and editing audio

    • Making comp edits of your takes

    • Arranging the song in Blocks vs. Song mode

    • Mixing

    Propellerhead Reason Online Course

    Synthesis and Sound Design in Reason:

    Next Start Date: September 28th, 2015

    Reason has a wealth of built-in sound making devices that are visually beautiful and deceptively powerful.  Led by producer/sound designer Arkaen (Taylor Elsasser), you’ll learn all about the details of the devices as well as how to create varieties of sounds found in todays music.

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    • Get deep with the devices
    • Learn how to choose the best device for the sound you’re after
    • Basic and advanced synthesis
    • Fast ways to create motion and texture to your sound
    • Using CV to control synths with “no hands”
    • Using automation to control synths
    • Make style-specific sounds perfect for your genre
    • Using audio effects as sound design tools.

    Propellerhead Reason Online Course

    Mixing and Mastering in Reason:

    Next Start Date: September 28th, 2015

    Once you get your sounds together and have created your masterpiece, you’ll need to finish it.  Mixing is the process that completes the track and makes it presentable to the world.  Take it step-by-step using Pyramind’s 6-step mixing approach and watch your track get to that professional sound level.

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    • The 6-step mixing process
    • How to start your mix - is your song ready?
    • Understanding levels and signal flow in Reason.
    • Choosing the best way to configure your effects
    • The Reason mixer in detail
    • The secret to EQing your sounds well
    • Getting control of compression and knowing when (and when NOT) to use it
    • Basics of mastering
    • Keeping the mix organized