The Complete Music Production Program

Time Period

8 - 12 Months


Start Dates

January - May - September


What did Pyramind do for me that I can’t do for myself? One word: Contacts. Old cliche “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Especially true in this business. The teachers are not only world class, but have been in the biz for decades. They have some very important relationships.
— Camden Stoddard, Audio Director, Double Fine Studios

Complete Master Program: $33,460 

12 Months - Payment Plans Available

The Complete Master Program is Pyramind Training’s most in-depth offering and includes every class Pyramind offers. The successful Complete student will be prepared for career opportunities in Production, Engineering, DJ’ing, Foley, Post-Production, Sound Design, Video Game Sound, Film Scoring, Synthesis, Band Recording, and more.

The Complete Master Program concentrates on four main Digital Audio Workstations - Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, and Propellerhead Reason - focuses deeply on synthesis using Native Instruments Komplete, and utilizes a wide variety of plug-ins including MCDSP, Fabfilter, Waves, Universal Audio, and more. The COMPLETE Master Program represents over 900 hours of class time and features free class repeats (while still in school), available 1-on-1 time with instructors, and the Pyra Studio Pass for access to all of Pyramind's facilities. 

Complete graduates earn as many as 8 manufacturer certifications including - Pro Tools User, Pro Tools Operator Music, Pro Tools Operator Post, Pro Tools Expert Music, Logic Pro X Certification, Waves Certification A, FMOD Level 1, Ableton Live Certification, and the Pyramind Complete Master Certification.

The Core: $19,995

8 Months - Payment Plans Available

The Core is the foundation of Pyramind Training’s programs. Designed for individuals who are self-taught and looking to ‘go pro’ - as well as people who are passionate but just getting started - the Core blends what we consider to be the three critical elements of success in any creative field; Creativity, Technology, and Business.

Within this framework, the subjects covered are fundamental and broad in scope including beginning and intermediate courses in: music theory, production, arranging, synthesis, game sound, recording, remixing, music business, and more.

The Core student will also learn four major creative software applications - Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Ableton Live, and Propellerhead Reason - plus some of the industry standard plug-ins from Waves, McDSP, and Native Instruments.

Core graduates earn many as 6 manufacturer certifications including - Pro Tools User, Pro Tools Operator Music, Logic Pro X Certification, Waves Certification A, FMOD Level 1, and Ableton Live Certification.

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Pyramind Facilities

Pyramind is equipped with two multi-workstation labs, three Production Studios (that also serve as classrooms for designated classes) and multiple live rooms for recording. As students progress through the program, they develop the skills necessary to work in these various rooms.