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Analog Synth Bass Samples from Akai Rhythm Wolf

16 Ableton Sampler instruments full of analog oscillators


Earlier this month we gave out analog drum samples from the Akai Rhythm Wolf drum machine. These drum sounds are very musical and fun to play with, but one of the coolest features of this instrument is its built-in analog bass synthesizer. The controllable parameters on the synth are very simple and there aren't a ton of tonal options, so we created 16 variations of the sawtooth and square waves using hardware guitar effects and amp emulators before importing the samples into Ableton Live.  

Like many analog synthesizers, the oscillator's pitch was not completely stable or accurate during the recording, so we've re-tuned the samples within Ableton's Sampler instrument to ensure the instruments are in tune throughout the entire keyboard range. The result is very subtle, microtonal pitch movements (+/- 3 cents) that sounds great when playing intervals and chords. 

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