Ableton Live Sampler Instrument - Roland System-1 Super Oscillators

This Ableton Live session has 5 Sampler instruments full of samples from the Roland System-1 virtual analog synthesizer. 

We wanted to focus on what was unique about this synth, so we sampled the iconic Supersaw oscillator, as well as the Super-square and Super-triangle. These "Super oscillators" use a single oscillator to emulate the sound of many, resulting in a thick and harmonically rich sound. The Supersaw oscillator was famously debuted on the Roland JP-8000 in 1996.  

This Live session also includes two 'custom' waveforms created by combining oscillators 1 and 2 on the System-1. 

The intention behind these instruments is to provide you with a blank canvas - the Samplers are loaded up with all the oscillators so that you can design your own presets using Sampler's parameters.