Jeremy Garren
Jeremy’s attention to detail makes the working process smooth and I know I can count on Pyramind for timely delivery.
— Greg Rahn, Audio Director, Kabam San Francisco

Credits Include: 


Jeremy Garren

Composer // Sound Designer

Jeremy's creative depth ranges from sound design to composition where he works closely with the rest of Pyramind’s creative services team. Referred to in-house as the “The Wizard”, his range of technical skills in engineering and audio middleware are perfect compliments to his creative drive. Jeremy has worked on a wide array of projects for clients including Microsoft, Samsung, Zynga, Nvidia, and Kabam. His sound design can be heard in Samsung mobile products and the UI sounds for the Xbox One itself. Credits include music for the 2014 film Panzehir, composing for the XBox One title Crimson Dragon , mixing for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and Orchestrating for Grim Fandango re-mastered.

Jeremy was energized by the game remixing community at in 2003 and has since pursued the dream of inspiring others with his own music. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and of Pyramind’s own DSP training program with honors, he also holds an expert certification in Pro Tools and a talent for piano and saxophone. A member of the Game Audio Network Guild, he is eager to see game music advance on the global stage and claim its respected place alongside film. 

Panzehir - The Making of the Music


Pyramind composed, mixed and mastered the score for a gritty, dark and expressive Turkish film, Panzehir. Both Jeremy Garren & Gregory J. Gordon worked on the title.