Mike Forst
Thanks for all the great work on the music for the game! It’s one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever worked on!
— Paul Mudra Audio Director, Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games

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Mike Forst

Production Manager

Mike Forst is an established music producer, sound designer, audio engineer, and project manager with over a decade of professional experience in the entertainment industry. As production manager at Pyramind Studios, Mike Forst has managed voiceover and sound design projects for some of the largest video game and high tech companies including: Disney Interactive, Microsoft Studios, Sony Playstation, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Samsung, Zynga, AMD, NVidia, Insomniac, Jawbone, and many more.

He excels in specialty voice casting, directing, project management and post-production editorial on projects often consisting of thousands of lines, where asset management, clear communication and best practices are paramount. As Pyramind’s Production Manager Mike oversees all production pipelines, with emphasis on project management, scheduling, budgeting, communications, resource allocation and product quality.

Mike joined Pyramind Studios in 2012 as production assistant where his talents and keen project management skills quickly propelled him to production manager. In 2014 Mike served as assistant music supervisor on Microsoft and Insomniac Games’ hit, Sunset Overdrive, as well as contributing original music and bass performances to the dynamic rock soundtrack produced by Pyramind Studios. Since 2012, Mike has worked on many projects in many forms including Crimson Dragon, Forza Motorsport 5, Disney’s Star Wars Commander, Doublefine’s Broken Age, Grim Fandango, and voiceover production on Zynga’s Looney Tunes Dash, Microsoft’s Xbox One UI, Cortana personal assistant, CJ Games’ Netmarble Poker, and sound design/voiceover for a number of high tech product videos and user interfaces by Samsung, Microsoft, Cisco, Jawbone, NVIDIA, and AMD.

Prior to joining the Pyramind team, Mike was an active music producer, songwriter and exceptional keyboardist in bands, touring extensively, recording in studios and producing numerous EPs and albums. In 2008, Forst earned a degree in Music Business from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Mike continues to enjoy producing and recording original electronic music and resides in San Francisco, CA.