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“Watching Steve Heithecker mic up a complete drum set and record was mind blowing. Without doing much EQ wise or Mixing, just his micing techniques alone made it sound better then anything else I had worked on."

– Max Savage // Record Mixer and owner - Noisy Savage.

Audio Engineering 101 // 110:

Students explore the concept of what sound really is, both scientifically and musically. Sound engineering is dissected as both an art and a science: in depth and hands on analysis of signal flow from the live room and into the studio, microphone selection to placement and technique, headphone cue mixing, analog to digital conversion, compression, gating and recording live instruments are all part of these classes.

  • Microphones types and uses.

  • Mic techniques.

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) vs. analog outboard gear.

  • Fundamental mixing techniques.

  • Audio FX and crafting a custom sound.

  • Fundamentals of Sound.

  • Role of the engineer vs. producer.

  • Studio etiquette and studio tour.

  • The project studio vs. major recording studios.

  • Cables and signal levels.

Audio Engineering 201:

This 16-week class is a hands on study in recording engineering and studio recording. Working in Pyramind's Studio A students learn proper studio etiquette and process as they work as sound engineers with live musicians and bands recording completed songs. These recordings are then used to hone their post-production techniques to tighten and clean up the recordings with editing, tuning and processing with the latest DSP tools and plug ins to create finished pro sounding mixes.

  • Vocal Recording and overdubbing.

  • Compression and Gating.

  • Vocal Tuning.

  • Pro Mixing.

  • Budgeting money and time for recording.

  • Drum Mic Techniques.

  • Microphone selection For Different Instruments.

  • Isolation vs. Live Recording.

  • Setting Up Cue Mixes (Headphones).

  • Band recording workshop.

Next Start Date - January 7th, 2019

Meet your Audio Engineering Instructor!


Steve Heithecker - Audio 101, 110, 201

In addition to years of experience in the music industry as an engineer and producer, Steve is one of the very few certified Pro Tools Experts on the planet and brings that skill and dedication to his position as chief Engineer at Pyramind Studios on a daly basis. Steve has recorded the orchestral parts for the games “Iron Man 2”, “the Monks” for “Halo - Anniversary" and “Sunset Overdrive”.

Additional Information about building Custom Programs

  • All courses in the Complete are held at our San Francisco ground campus location.

  • Custom program students can choose from ANY of our existing individual classes based on need and satisfying all prerequisites.

  • Veterans and International students must choose from one of our approved Full Time programs and cannot build custom programs.

  • 13 subject tracks across 3 DAW’s (Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic Pro X).

  • Payment plans are available to qualified students with low monthly interest up to 2-years based on the size of a custom program.

  • Discounts on gear are available through our partnerships with Ableton, Mixed in Key and Sweetwater Sound!

  • All Access Studio Pass is granted FREE with enrollment of a custom program over $10,000 in tuition.

  • Tuition - variable based on the choice of classes in the Custom Program.

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