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Pyramind's highly acclaimed event series; Elite Sessions, Planning for Success and An Evening With... are all are aimed at bringing the industry directly to our student body. These frequent events foster a sense of community, provide valuable technical and career knowledge as well as critical networking opportunities. No other music production school brings the same caliber talent for in depth workshops as Pyramind.

Garnering over 1.1 Million views on YouTube, the video recaps of our events are an important way to expose Pyramind's vibrant community to the world outside of San Francisco.

Just a few of the featured guest speakers have included luminaries such as Dave Smith, Steve Duda, Jordan Rudess, world class producers and DJs such as Morgan Page, Stimming, Jaytech, and our own alumni The M Machine and K Theory. More complete listing here.

Event Series: Elite Sessions

Our long-running Elite Session series has brought countless touring DJs and producers to Pyramind to discuss a wide range of topics such as producing, performing, promotional strategy, genre bending, creating an artistic brand and how to stay on top of an ever-changing industry through constant work and innovation.

Featured Elite Session Guests include:
Ken Loi
Steve Duda
Morgan Page

Event Series: An Evening With...

Our newest event series brings music tech and gear companies to the forefront. Giving them a platform to demo new and exciting software and hardware allows attendees the chance to get their hands on new beta gear and hear from luminaries in the industry.

An Evening With... Sessions have featured:

Dave Smith Instruments (pictured)

Ableton (feat. Mac Vaughn and Ryan Origin)

Keith McMillen Instruments feat. Thavius Beck


Event Series: Mindshare

Leslie Ann Jones - Planning for Success - Pyramind

Drawing from our years of production experience in the interactive media space, we created an event series designed to give video game audio professionals and thought leaders a place to meet, share ideas, and discuss relevant topics.

Mindshare speakers have included:

Ryan Origin and Sean Leanord (SubPac)
Brian Min and Ashley Coull (Anki)
Mike Morasky (Valve) (pictured)
Camden Stoddard (Double Fine)
Kevin Dusablon and Mike Forst (PullString)
Game Audio Industry Panel
Clint Bajakian (Sony, LucasArts)

Event Series: Planning for Success

Leslie Ann Jones - Planning for Success - Pyramind

Our music business lecture series has featured a wide array of speakers from different career paths in the industry. This event series is exclusively open to students and has an emphasis on career development and presenting successful industry veterans to share words of wisdom.

Featured Planning for Success speakers include: 

Leslie Ann Jones (Skywalker Sound) (Pictured)

Bryan Franklin

Jeff Price (Tunecore, Audiam)

Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation)

Ean Golden (DJ Tech Tools)

Michael Brandvold

Collaboration Opportunities


Join our diverse group of producers here at Pyramind. A wide range of backgrounds and musical interests among our student body ensures exciting musical adventures and learning opportunities.

Pyramind features a dedicated collaboration studio (our Co-Lab) and allows students to book time in our studios alone or with other students and staff. Our multi-seat classrooms provide learning environments that are prime for musical partnerships. Successful graduates such as Blu J and The M Machine are examples of groups who formed here at Pyramind by embracing the power of collaboration.

Performance Opportunities

Exclusive Club Nights

Pyramind has roots that run deep in the music industry, as well as the San Francisco club scene. What does this mean for our student body? Select student DJs and live performers get the opportunity to play in real clubs on world-class sound systems in front of their peers and the general public.

Partners such as Temple SF, Monarch and Ruby Skye have all provided unique opportunities for students and alumni to take what they've learned in class right to the stage.

SF Music Scene


San Francisco is one of the world's most iconic music cities in the world. Venues like the Fillmore, Warfield, Davies Symphony Hall, SF Jazz and Great American Music Hall have shaped our city's culture for years, while clubs such as Temple, 1015 Folsom, Mighty, Public Works and Ruby Skye book international touring DJs and producers every single week.

Festivals like Outside Lands, Hardly Strictly, Treasure Island, and Noise Pop are part of SF's DNA, and while Burning Man doesn't take place within city limits, it's culture and vibe persists year-round within the Burner scene.

We can't forget to mention the corporate and industry conferences such as Apple's WWDC, Dream Force, GDC, Oracle's Open World, SF Music Tech and SF Music Expo that happen every year, either.