Propellerhead Reason


101 // 110



Reason 101 // 110:

An in-depth exploration of Propellerhead's Reason - the tool that changed electronic music production forever. Now a staple in every studio from Hip-Hop to IDM, Reason is one of the fastest creation tools out there, with good reason. Students will learn about the components of the tools including all of the instruments and the various sound creation possibilities available.

Topics include:

  • Devices
  • Sequencer
  • Back of the rack cabling
  • Key commands
  • Synthesis basis
  • FX
  • Arranging
  • Beat making
  • Mixing

Propellerhead Reason Instructor

 Pyramind Instructor Steve Heithecker
Nothing but good to say, the classes have been instrumental in moving me forward in my music production career. Steve Heithecker (Reason Instructor) has been a great help, as well. So, thanks again for the blessings.
— Kim B. (Pyramind Graduate)

Steve Heithecker

Instructor: Reason, Avid Pro Tools, Audio Fundamentals, and 5.1 Mixing

In addition to years of experience in the music industry as an engineer and producer, Steve is one of the very few certified Pro Tools 8 experts on the planet and brings that skill and dedication to his position as chief Engineer at Pyramind Studios on a daly basis.

Steve recently recorded the orchestral parts for the Iron Man 2 video game release in 2010 and has worked on numerous big titles. He tracked all of the dialog and also mixed Halo "The Return" for Waypoint on XBox live and is currently working on many things still super secret.