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SF & Online Workshops

Event Series: Elite Sessions

Our Elite Sessions bring touring DJs and producers to our San Francisco campus to discuss a wide range of topics, including producing, performing, social strategy, artist branding, and creative workflows.

Featured Elite Session Guests include:
Jaytech, Ken Loi, Steve Duda, Morgan Page, Singularity, Stimming, Vekked

Event Series: An Evening With...

An Evening With... brings music tech companies and hardware manufacturers to our stage. We offer you a chance to see new software and equipment, get your hands on beta gear, and learn from luminaries in the industry.

An Evening With... sessions have featured:

Dave Smith Instruments (pictured)

Ableton (feat. Mac Vaughn and Ryan Origin)

Keith McMillen Instruments feat. Thavius Beck



Online Workshops - Serum

Both our in-person and online workshops are led by our network of mentors and include exclusive giveaways.