Pyramind is the premier center for training in music and audio production. Our acclaimed programs have a unique education philosophy we’ve spent over 15 years developing, blending three critical elements of success for any creative field: Creativity, Technology, and Business.

The Pyramind Experience

[To succeed in this competitive industry, you need technical skills, clarity in your artistic vision, industry connections and real world experience. ]

Pyramind delivers a unique blend of production, training and community that gives you the experience necessary for success.

Immerse Yourself in Our Curriculum

The Complete Producer Program is the most in depth one year accelerated learning program in music and audio production on the planet. With four programs to choose from we have options tailored to your personal career goals.

Studio A
Studio 832
The Vault
The Loft

Study in a Professional Production Studio

Learn in our multi-studio complex from the team that’s delivering award winning content to the worlds largest entertainment companies.

Book weekly studio time in any of our four world-class studios throughout your program and receive daily access to our multi-workstation labs, DJ rigs and collaboration spaces.

Evolve Your Sound

Develop your sonic identity and become an expert in music and audio production.

Complete projects to build your portfolio or next release. Get opportunities to be included in our music licensing catalog and to work on professional services projects.

Live in San Francisco

Located in the heart of San Fransico’s SOMA district, Pyramind is not only part of a thriving global and indie music scene but also home to some of the biggest entertainment and music technology innovators in the world.

Collaborate with a Diverse Group of Students

Become a member of our geographically and musically diverse group of students. Embrace the power of collaboration like The M Machine, Blu J and K Theory did when they formed during their time as Pyramind students.

Get Connected to the Music Industry

We bring the industry to you. Our community events and outreach make it possible for you to build lasting and meaningful relationships that become the building blocks of your career.

Launch Your Career

Do you have what it takes to make it in this industry? We think you do.

Do you have the passion and the drive to make it in this industry? Tell us where you want to go, we'll help you get there.

Invest in yourself. Grow every aspect of yourself during your time here at Pyramind.