Imaginate (aka Dan Dignin)

Logic producer of Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Bass Music / Sound Designer

- Logic Pro

- Sound Design / Synthesis

- Bass Music / Drum n Bass

- Foley Recording / Custom Sound Packs

- Arranging / Mixing in Logic

Danny-Mentor Circle.jpg

For some, just listening to music isn’t enough. For Bay Area electronic music producer Daniel Dignin this was especially the case, and after years of feeling restricted, he started the music project Imaginate and began his journey in to music and sound. Inspired by a variety of music genres, and life experiences, Daniel reaches in to his imagination to evoke imagery and emotion in his music.

In 2017, Daniel released his debut EP titled “Bio” which was well received by fans of both melodic and heavy bass music, and marked his first step in a creative endeavor.

Recently, Daniel graduated from Pyramind Music Production School in San Francisco and has immediately began and completed numerous projects. He’s signed an official sample pack to Brighton based sound design label Loopmasters, signed an official remix for G2, and has featured sound design tutorials on Pyramind’s YouTube channel.

Currently, he’s meticulously writing and arranging new records that capture the complexity of the human mind, life, and its vices. Beyond the records, Daniel is also working on more sample packs and sound design tutorials, and is looking toward a bright future as an artist.

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