Jesse Gay (Sutro)

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Specializing in:

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- Logic Pro
- Universal Audio Plugins & Console
- Hybrid Analog/Digital Workflows
- Mixing
- Remixing
- Live Instrument/Electronic Music Integration


I enjoy sharing my passion for music and technology as much as I do making it, so in 2006 I became and Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer. I’ve been teaching and consulting ever since. Clients include Zia McCabe (Dandy Warhols), Sammy D (PillowTalk), Bill Wadhams (Animotion), and John Smith (Nu Shooz.) 

How did I get there? 

I studied psychology and music at Reed and graduated with a thesis that explored the relationship between tuning and perception of consonance. 

My obsession with sound and its effects on people led me to the experientially rich world of electronic music, and I got a different kind of education from the underground. After a fortuitous discovery of a Juno 6 at a garage sale, I quickly started producing my own tracks (with Logic 2.5!), DJing, and co-founded the electronic collective and label Outward Music Company (OMCO) circa 1998. 

I have my own studio (PDXstudio) out of which I continue to produce my own recordings and those of select clients, including SF’s PillowTalk. I’ve released house and techno tracks on labels such as Starbass, Shadowprint, Orac, and Pattern Based Records. Having cut my teeth on hardware, I love the synergy between the warmth of analog gear and the precision that software provides. I speak Logic and Pro Tools, so I can help with translation if you’re coming from one or the other. 

Since 2009 I’ve been the keyboardist and engineer for the Indie-Electronic band Sutro. Our most recent album was co-produced by Grammy-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli. 

Currently I work as production and post production Sound Mixer and Studio Manager for Treehouse, (and online tech school) so I’m familiar with the demands of dialog recording, editing, and preparing video content for web and broadcast. I’ve done considerable video production and live streaming, so I can help you interface with that world if you’re working on a multimedia team. 

When I’m not wrangling sound waves, I can be found chasing more surfable waves in the majestic Pacific Northwest’s ocean and rivers.

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