The Pyramind Mentorship Network

Get 1-on-1 private lessons with professional certified trainers, producers, mixers, sound designers and composers to help with your sessions, career and artist development. Bring the classroom home to you!

“The process has been quite helpful. There are so many people out there who only care about marketing and making money that they forget to provide real value, and forget that they're working with real people. It makes me want to invest more in you and Pyramind! Thank you for being on my team! :)”

– Garry Sheba // Mentorship Client


Work With Experienced Mentors Invested In Your Success

There are lots of people claiming to be “experts” but odds are, they just learned the same bad habits you already have. Our mentors average 15+ years of experience in producing and training so you know you’re learning good habits that will have immediate and lasting impact on your work.


Choose From A Deep Selection Of Services And Subjects.

Our mentors are experts in numerous DAW’s, musical styles, subjects, and disciplines. Whatever you’re looking to learn better, we have a service and a mentor for you. From mixing to mastering to creating new sounds from scratch or implementing your music into a game, we have the experience to get you there faster.

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Work On Your Sound, In Your Studio, On Your Schedule.

With convenient booking, it’s easy to find a time that works for you both. No back-and-forth with emails trying to schedule. In session, you each can share screens and sound also eliminating the need for slow session uploads. Just book, schedule and share!




“The instructors were not only great musicians / producers / DJs, but also passionate teachers who really care about student development. The personalized attention each student receives and the tailored subject matter really made my sessions particularly valuable to me. I have already recommend to several friends, and will continue to do so.”

– Ian Kleinfeld // Mentorship Client

How It Works in 3 Easy Steps!

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Step 1 - Find Your Mentor

Search by Genre, Subject or from our Featured Mentors to find who's the right specialist for you. If you're not sure who's a good fit, you can get a recommendation from our Admin staff based on your goals. Just reach out and let us know what you're looking for!

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Step 2 - Choose A Meeting Time

Once you choose the right service and mentor, you'll see a list of their availability that week. Just pick one that works for you - no more back-and-forth emailing trying to find a time that works!

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Step 3 - Complete Your Booking

Fill out your personal information and complete the booking! At the time of your session, your mentor will email you with a link to their private Zoom session. Click the link and you're all set! Be sure to check out our Mentorship Resources page for a quick tutorial on how to set up screen and sound sharing.

"The guidance and feedback I got from my mentors during our online sessions was incredible. They not only helped me with my production and songwriting skills, but also with how to navigate the music industry and create a plan for releasing my music. I could not have gotten to this point as quickly as I have without their help.”

– Dylan V.




Not Sure Who's Right For You?

Contact us directly and we'll suggest your next mentor:
(888) 378-MIND Extension 202 or


Click on the questions below for more info 

What are the rates for sessions?

Each mentor provides multiple services so the rates vary but start at just $60/hour! Experts in advanced subjects top out at $100/ hour.

Can I book repeated sessions if I want to do this weekly / monthly?

Yes! Sessions are booked in 1-hour increments but it's easy to set up a recurring session - weekly, every two weeks, monthly, whatever you need! When you book your session, just choose "recurring" and set the time interval and number of sessions you'd like to book!

Can I get discounts on equipment or software?

Yes! Once you book a session, we consider you a student and can provide you a letter stating as much. Simply present that to the retailer of your choosing and they'll give you discounts on appropriate gear. Odds are you'll save enough on gear to pay for the sessions anyway!

Can I reschedule if something comes up?

Of course but we ask that you let your mentor know with advanced notice, preferably 48 hours ahead of time. We understand that things come up and most mentors are agreeable but if you attempt to cancel at the last minute, the session may be forfeit.

Are the sessions pre-recorded?

No! These are LIVE SESSIONS! You'll share your screen and sound with the mentor and they'll work on your music LIVE! You can record the session (or ask the mentor to record it) and keep it for your archives to refer back to at anytime.

What tools do I need before joining the session?

The only thing you'll need is Zoom conferencing software (free!). The most important thing you’ll need is your passion for learning and producing music! We recommend you already have the tools (computer, keyboard, headphones, internet connection, DAW etc). See our Mentorship Resources page for tech details.

Can I switch between mentors if I want?

Yes! Anytime you like, you can either change a session that's already booked from one mentor to another with enough notice OR just book a fresh session with a different mentor anytime! Most students stick with their favorites but also mix things up to work with specialists as needed.

Do I need to send in projects ahead of time?

While you can do this and in some cases it's preferable, most students simply share their screens and audio and do the work live. Where detailed mix critiques are necessary or the mentor has a special tool they want to use on your sessions, you can send in the files privately directly to the mentor.

Can I buy sessions for a friend / family member?

Yes! Mentorship sessions make a great birthday or holiday gift to someone you know who's just getting started. This happens often. The cake and candles are up to you though :).

Can I buy sessions for my child who's under 18?

Yes! Since this is not a curriculum-based program, students under 18 are welcome with the approval of a parent. We recommend that the student be no younger than 12 or prove some capacity beyond their years. We also recommend that parents be nearby during sessions to monitor the conversation and ensure it's age-appropriate.

Absolutely! You determine the direction and pace of each session. So if you book a Sound Design session but really want to know about compression, that's fine. Our mentors are experienced with all aspects of the process - from creativity through getting paid - so feel free to drive the session where you want it to go!

Do I need to purchase any special equipment?

No! The Zoom client is free and can be downloaded from our Mentorship Resources page. It will allow for screen and sound sharing and it's all you'll need!

What happens if I no-show?

Because the mentor has already carved out the time to meet with you, if you no-show, the session is forfeit. However, most mentors are very accommodating and may allow you to reschedule if your situation warrants.