Pyramind Mentorship Network

One-on-One Online Music Production Tutoring & Guidance

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Pyramind Mentorship Network 

One-on-One Online Music Production Tutoring & Guidance

Customized online private training in music creation, composing, production, sound design, music business and more. Multiple ways to find the training you want. Browse by genre, by DAW, by topic, or by mentor. Watch our quick video on this page to see how it works, then get started in finding the perfect mentor for your needs.

These online sessions start at $60 per hour, with no long term commitments. Pick the type of training, your mentor and a time that works for you!

Choose Your Topic and Then Choose Your Mentor

We proudly use Zoom video conferencing tools in our mentorship sessions and online workshops. Be sure to review our Mentorship Resources page for details on getting configured with Zoom. You can download the client HERE.


Pyramind Mentorship Network Terms & Conditions

- All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance through our website.

- Refunds will be provided when sessions are cancelled with 48 or more hours notice, prior to the time of the appointment.

- Any cancellations that occur with less than 48 hours notice will result in a network credit, rather than a refund. Customers have one full year to use the aforementioned credit.

- If a customer does not show up for a session that was booked, they forfeit their payment so the mentor’s time is still paid for. A customer may petition this decision once, by sending an email to explaining why the appointment was missed. There are no guarantees that this will result in a credit of any kind.

- If a customer arrives late to a session, we cannot guarantee that they will receive their entire session. We cannot push other people’s appointments around to accommodate someone who is running late.

- Customers select the training they want in advance and have an opportunity to share the details of what they want to learn specifically by using the fields provided when booking their appointment.

- Customers can share reference tracks, portfolios and files prior to sessions by using the appropriate fields during the booking process.

- Customers select their own mentors based upon relevant expertise, experience, personality and availability.

- Customers may not ask mentors to provide services outside of scheduled appointments, as it can result in being banned. All sessions with mentors must be booked through the Pyramind Mentorship Network. 

- Abusive behavior or disrespect of our staff during a mentorship session may result in a lifetime ban from the network.