Adam Pollard (Multiplier)

Best known for his YouTube Channel and tutorials with over 50,000 subscribers, Multiplier is now available to give you one-on-one instruction on music production.


One-on-one online sessions specializing in:
- Ableton Live
- Sound Design

- Mixing & Mastering

- Social Media & Marketing

- Music Production


Currently most known for his Youtube channel, Multiplier (real name Adam Pollard) started producing after seeing a Skrillex show, back in 2010, when dubstep started to gain popularity. The focus then was releasing music and DJing, which he did for a few years, featuring and charting on Beatport and Trackitdown, alongside a string of international DJ bookings. Multiplier then pivoted into the sound design and tutorial space, producing chart topping sample packs for the biggest labels (Loopmasters, Splice, Industrial Strength, CAPSUN ProAudio, 5Pin Media) and tutorial courses for macProVideo, Groove3, and Sonic Academy. You'll also find his videos on platforms such as Plugin Boutique, DJTechTools, Output, and Pensado's Place.

When not in the studio, you're most likely to find Adam surfing (don't think Hawaii, think more, cloudy, cold England .. occasionally the sun comes out) or somewhere in the Cotswolds countryside, where his new studio is based. Before music, he spent his time doing all the extreme sports (skateboarding, BMX, skiing, rock climbing), and getting a degree in maths from the University of Cambridge.

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