Brennan Anderson

Musicpreneur by Aaron Bethune

Specializes in:
- Composition
- Interactive Composition
- Orchestration and Arrangement
- Implementation
- Programming

Brennan is driven by a passion for unique storytelling. The interactive nature of games makes for new experiences every time we play, and bringing music into that experience is an art form in itself. Brennan has spent years combining music and technology to deliver this new way of experiencing music to games -- from writing sweeping orchestral scores, to highly detailed dynamic music implementation that changes facets of the music as you play the game differently.

Originally from Austin, TX, music has been a part of Brennan’s life since he was born. He has been playing every instrument he could get his hands on since he was five, and when he was twelve he first experienced the music that would change the course of his life -- the soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII. This opened up an entire world of creativity and he started writing.

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