Chris Gear

Chris Gear is a musician, teacher, entrepreneur and technologist originally from Portland. He is passionate about sound design and is the head of our Mentorship Network.


One-on-one training specializing in:

- Sound Design

- Synthesis

- Native Instruments
- Serum
- Logic Pro
- Startups
- Online Business
- Networking & Collaborating
- Websites & Portfolios

Chris Gear is a musician, teacher, entrepreneur and technologist originally from Portland, OR. A life-long passion for emerging technologies, music and sound has been the driving force behind his many endeavors over the last 20+ years. Working to provide access to knowledge and resources artists need to learn, collaborate and grow, Chris has established himself as a catalyst for evolution in our industry. He brings a fresh and innovative approach to sound design education here at Pyramind, inspiring and empowering our students to engage with sound and music in powerful ways.

Chris also heads up our training network, which continues to grow and will soon be larger than we ever could have imagined just one year ago. Community-minded and a well-respected leader in today's online scene, he's the mind behind many popular projects, including OhmLab and SoundFreqs, and helped to build impressive networks such as ADSR. He has worked with well-known companies across a wide range of industries, from Apple and Envato to Native Instruments and Loopmasters to help people connect with the resources they need to make their music, films, video games, etc come to life. Also a classically-trained chef, Chris is always cooking up something tasty, whether he's in the kitchen, office, studio or classroom.

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