Christian Janssen - CJ Beatz

After over a decade in the business, CJ Beatz is a successful online presence, selling thousands of instrumental tracks to indie artists around the globe. He is well known for his valuable music production tutorials for Logic Pro X on his YouTube channel, which has over 53k subscribers. 


Specializing in:
- Hip-Hop // Trap // Pop // Ambient production
- Drum production // Melody Creation

- Logic Pro X master
- Native Instruments

- Sound Design

- Selling Instrumentals Online

- Online Marketing Tactics




Having been born from musical parents, CJ has been exposed to music all of his life. He was born in the Netherlands, grew up in Germany, and finally immigrated to the US at the age of 12. Travelling the world he witnessed the influence music had on people, and perhaps more importantly, how music evolves around the world. Even as a young child he was intrigued by music production, being able to distinguish even the most minute instruments in songs that most wouldn’t notice. This ability naturally drew him into music production, and he truly discovered his talent when at 19 years old, his dad gave him his old Korg keyboard.

CJ made his very first beats on that keyboard. Starting to make beats with the bare minimum helped him hone his skills so that when he finally had his first studio set up, which consisted of a Dell desktop, M-Audio Oxygen49 midi keyboard and FL studio, he was really in his element. He has since moved on to producing all of his beats on Logic Pro X exclusively.

After over a decade in the business, CJ Beatz was able to grow a successful online presence, selling thousands of instrumentals to indie artists around the globe as well as providing valuable music production tutorials for Logic Pro X on his YouTube channel with a subscriber count of 30k.

Being a self taught beatmaker and online entrepreneur, CJ understands what it takes for beginners to start on the right track and avoid mistakes they may encounter along the way. When producing hip-hop and trap beats, staying relevant and up to date with today’s sound is extremely important. CJ has the ability to guide you in creating outstanding music productions that have a real potential to put money in your pocket as well as make you stand out of the crowd.

“What’s really important to me is creating long lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. I want to be able to share my experiences with someone and receive the same in return, so that we can make progress together as musicians.”


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