Dubstep Mentors

From its dub and reggae-inspired roots through today's hard-edged wobble-driven sound, Dubstep has at its core an incredibly powerful bass sound and unique drum programming style. 

Our mentors are well versed in all of the sub-genres of Dubstep, from chillstep, post-dubstep, "brostep," half-step, techstep, and more. Whether you are developing your own style or trying to emulate some of the heavy-hitter artists like Skrillex, Nero, Black Sun Empire or Datsik, having a mentor guide you along the way is a valuable tool.

Our mentors have a deep understanding and years of experience creating music in this popular genre. They can help you with your sound palette and drum programming, work with you to achieve an ultra-clean and precise mix and master, and guide your creative ideas toward a strong arrangement and song structure.

Our Featured Dubstep Mentors: