John Holt

Apple certified producer, John Holt is best known for the creation and development of The Audio Journey, music production tutorial website/channel. He is a passionate teacher, who can explain very complex technical subjects in a crystal clear way.


Specializing in: 
- Logic Pro
- Ableton Live
- Novation Launchpad

- Pro Tools

- Song Structure & Arranging
- Patient tutor for beginners



My teaching philosophy is simple – provide patient tuition, give crystal clear explanations of complex topics, and offer continued support for those learning music production.

My name is John Holt; I am an Apple certified producer with a true passion for teaching music production. I work for Focusrite/Novation, my degree is BSc Audio recording and Production from the University of Hertfordshire, and I am the producer of the training program ‘The 7 Key Elements of Music Production’.

I produce weekly music production tutorials at ‘The Audio Journey’ focussed towards beginners and beyond, and with 100,000 views under my belt in the first 5 months of launching the channel, I’ve been lucky enough to connect with, and help thousands of aspiring producers with my content. 

Now, I want to bring specialized help to a wider audience, and develop ongoing relationships with up and coming producers.

If you’re looking for a patient, understanding mentor that can explain complex tools in a crystal clear manner, then I am the perfect mentor for you. My focus as a teacher goes in to the clarity of my explanations, so I ensure that if I were explaining this to a complete beginner, they would be able to follow along. So feel free to check out my channel ‘The Audio Journey’, and if my teaching style is to your liking, then I’d be thrilled to help you work towards your music production goals.