Kriss Walas

Multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, and teacher Kriss Walas is available to give you private one-on-one lessons in Production, Songwriting, Composition & Arrangement, and Advanced Mixing/Mastering. 

One-on-one training specializing in:

- Music Production (All Genres of EDM, Rock, Pop) 
- Songwriting, Composition & Arrangement
- Advanced Mixing
- Advanced Mastering

For the last 17 years music has been Kriss' life. Growing up he played guitar in bands and toured. In college he DJed all over the West Coast and earned several residencies.

Kriss is the CEO of Continuum Music Studio the Founder of The Music and Recording Arts Academy. The MRAA is a one-on-one education facility, which has been helping artists reach their dreams in music since 2010. He is also an artist under the name Heart Rate, writing, producing, and engineering all his music. 

Kriss specializes in advanced mixing/mastering, songwriting, composition & arrangement, and music production across all genres of EDM, Rock, and Pop.

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