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Mixing & Mastering Music - Console

The skill of crafting a proper mix is both an art and a science. Treating the frequency spectrum with EQ, letting the individual parts have the space to breathe, proper use of compression, understanding different metering standards and so much more all go into the job of a good mix engineer.

Mastering is taking that final mixdown and putting the finishing touches on it through. Typically a mastering engineer will apply an EQ, a compressor and a limiter on the stereo mixed file, all to bring the overall volume up to be loud enough for broadcast without sacrificing the dynamic range of the song.  Ensuring that your music will hold up and translate in any environment is a skill that requires practice and guidance from a trusted teacher.

Our experienced mentors have mixed and mastered countless records.  Let them guide you through the basics or brush up on your advanced techniques to take your music to the next level.

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