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Learn to use Massive

Released in 2007, this soft synth plugin is still a mainstay for producers today. With the pace that technology changes, being relevant a decade later is indicative of how powerful Massive is. Our mentors will help you get started with Massive, understand its strengths and weaknesses, design your own unique sounds, and learn to create the kinds of sounds you hear on your favorite records. If you are a Massive user, do yourself a favor and book a mentorship session today to make the most of this synth.

Massive is a semi-modular wavetable synthesizer with lots of routing flexibility and a wealth of modulation and control options. Wavetable synthesis is seeing a resurgence in popularity lately, and Massive ‘s oscillators are some of the best implementations of the concept I’ve seen. However, the sound generation technique is not the main area where the synth aims to break new ground.
— Sound On Sound (2007 Review)

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Native Instruments Massive Tutorial Videos with Chris Gear