Ryan Rey

Music Theory, Piano, and Logic Pro instructor at Pyramind who writes music for chamber ensembles, rock groups, videogames, and film.

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One-on-one training specializing in:

- Music Theory

- Logic Pro

- Recording

- Performance

Ryan Rey writes music for a diverse array of mediums, including chamber ensembles, rock groups, videogames, and film. His compositions have been performed by REDSHIFT Ensemble, The Living Earth Show, UOP Symphony Orchestra, Meerenai Shim, Guy Livingston, and the CSU East Bay Jazz Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Trombone Ensemble. He holds an M.A. in music composition from CSU East Bay and now teaches there, as well as at Pyramind and Fusion Academy. Ryan is Executive Director and Artistic Co-Director of Composers, Inc. and Director of Seventh Avenue Performances. He played guitar in the death metal band Antagony, and performs in the chiptune/folk/doom/chamber music group The Mineral Kingdom.

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