FL Studio and Sound Design Master, Creator of YouTube's "How to Bass" with 130k Subscribers  

Specializing in:
- FL Studio
- Native Instruments
- Mixing & Mastering
- Sound Design & Sampling
- Drums & Beatmaking
- Recording, Performance & Preparation
- Creativity & Inspiration
- Song Structure & Arranging

Stoni on Ableton Push

Hi, I'm SeamlessR (the "R" is silent). I'm an audio engineer and educator based in MA, USA. I'm mostly known for my YouTube tutorials on sound design and FL Studio ( focusing on the bleeding edge of modern bass music production. I also have extensive background in metal, hip hop, soundtrack/orchestral, and breakbeat genres. Along with the super advanced stuff I also have a firm grasp on fundamental details and can help any producer at any level. 

My teaching style has always been about presenting information to a student as I would have liked it presented to me when I first learned it. It's a very personal and friendly style that feels more like hanging out with a bro more so than being lectured by a professor. It's much more personal, informative, and fun, I think :)

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