Simon Shackleton

World renowned touring DJ and producer, Simon Shackleton, (previously known as Elite Force), is now available for private music production mentoring sessions.

Simon Shackleton Performing

Specializing in:
- Ableton Live
- Career Guidance
- DJing
- Mixing
- Remixing
- Mashups

Simon Shackleton is an independent musician, photographer and writer with over 25 years of experience behind him. A classically trained pianist, oboist and choral scholar he taught himself electronic music production and sound design in the 1990s. 

He has recorded under his own name as well as well-known aliases such as Lunatic Calm, Elite Force and Zodiac Cartel, and has single-handedly run several award-winning record labels (U&A Recordings, Fused & Bruised and Stereophoenix) from the mid-90s vinyl era to the current day. He has over 500 releases behind him and dozens of chart-topping remixes, as well as an international DJ career that has spanned 3 decades and taken him to all corners of the globe. He has also seen his music used in over 40 feature films and countless TV Shows, and has collaborated with the likes of Oscar-winner Klaus Badelt on scoring games for Playstation.

Simon is currently collaborating on multi-media projects through his new boutique production company ’Scene & Herd’, which allows him to seamlessly blend his photographic and musical talents under one brand.

Simon's Sites: WebSoundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram