Sylenth1 Mentors - Learn to use Sylenth1

Sylenth1 is a subtractive synth created by Lennar Digital. Subtractive simply means that the audio signal(s) being generated by the oscillator(s) is passed through a filter to affect the sound in some way. Normally filters are intended to attenuate certain parts of the sounds that pass through them, though some modern filters do much more than just attenuate which has opened up countless opportunities within many popular subtractive synths, like Massive, Sylenth1, Serum and Spire, for example.

Let our sound design mentors guide you through this seemingly simple soft synth to make the most of its powerful engine. 

Sylenth1 sounds absolutely incredible; it’s rich, detailed and full of analogue-style warmth. While we find that many of the synths we review come with presets that fail to show off the instrument’s true capabilities, Sylenth1’s default bank is superb.
— Music Radar (2007 Review)

Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Mentors: Click on the mentor of your choice to get started.

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