Wyatt Meager

Ableton Certified Trainer, Wyatt Meager is a veteran in Miami's music scene. He is an accomplished producer that works with a wide diversity of genres. Also known for his band Telekinetic Wairus.


Specializing in:
- Ableton Live
- Ableton Push
- Live Performance



Wyatt Meagher is an Ableton Certified Trainer located in Miami Fl, where he is a veteran in the local music scene. He also tours around the country with his band Telekinetic Walrus which he uses Ableton Live as the centerpiece of the project, along with analog synthesizers and vocals. His production style is diverse with expertise in Bass Music, Hip Hop, House, Funk, and various other types of electronic and traditional types of music. Wyatt offers comprehensive instruction to all ages and experience levels, in one-on-one or group sessions.