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“Officially.. I can’t believe it but I’m actually understanding Theory and I can already see the fun in it. Never did I ever think I would associate these two words. EVER! If this keeps going I’m finally gonna understand it all... THANK YOU! "

– Pierre Luc P. // Pyramind Grad

Music Theory 101

The theory and application of music, infused with both piano skills and ear training. These foundation skills set the tone for any musical career and are a must have for any serious producer. Students will find these to be some of the more difficult classes as well as the most rewarding, as they are a powerful component to any good producer or songwriter's arsenal of skills.

  • The “three and five” triad types.

  • Triadic inversions and the beginnings of voice leading.

  • Common two-chord cadences.

  • Applying theory basics to song sections.

  • Ear training - major, minor and diminished.

  • Note lengths and basic rhythm structures.

  • The Major scale

  • Identifying notes on the piano and DAW.

  • Dyads and the basics of harmony.

  • Intervals and intervalic inversions.

Music Theory 110

This class is a continuation of Music Theory 101 and students will continue to build their foundations in theory in preparation for Producing and Arranging 110.

  • InDepth voice leading and chord progressions.

  • “Rock, Paper, Scissors” approach to voice leading.

  • “Growing” chord progressions through a song.

  • Introduction to extended chords and dominance.

  • “IABO” and chord progressions.

  • 3 and 4-chord progressions.

  • The application of the “7 color stories” from PnA 101.

  • The circle of fifths and fourths and it’s impact on scale alterations.

  • Key signatures and its relationship to the Circle of 5ths.

Meet your Music Theory Instructor!

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Ryan Rey - Music Theory 101, 110

Ryan Rey is a composer, guitarist, and teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. He writes music for chamber ensembles, symphonic band, orchestra, rock groups, videogames, ringtones, and film.

At the age of 5, Ryan’s first instrument was a bright orange and neon green plastic toy guitar and his first recording setup was a Playschool cassette player with microphone combo. Using this toy tape recorder, he captured the sound of his screaming voice and feedback noises. This was his first exploration into composition. Nowadays, classical chamber music, electronic loops, heavy metal, and a mix of other genres influence his music.

Additional Information about building Custom Programs

  • All courses in the Complete are held at our San Francisco ground campus location.

  • Custom program students can choose from ANY of our existing individual classes based on need and satisfying all prerequisites.

  • Veterans and International students must choose from one of our approved Full Time programs and cannot build custom programs.

  • 13 subject tracks across 3 DAW’s (Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic Pro X).

  • Payment plans are available to qualified students with low monthly interest up to 2-years based on the size of a custom program.

  • Discounts on gear are available through our partnerships with Ableton, Mixed in Key and Sweetwater Sound!

  • All Access Studio Pass is granted FREE with enrollment of a custom program over $10,000 in tuition.

  • Tuition - variable based on the choice of classes in the Custom Program.

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