The Beat Maker's Guide to Sampling in Ableton | January 26th, 7-9pm PST

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In this workshop, we will explore sampling workflows in Ableton so you can get the most out of the audio you use in your projects. From importing and chopping to warping and processing, we will cover a lot of ground in this fun, two-hour event. Stoni has years of experience and expertise to share with all of you and it goes way beyond just making beats! Armed with a Push 2 controller, she will guide you through workflows from both in-DAW and hands-on hardware perspectives to ensure that you leave the workshop armed with all the knowledge you need to become a sampling pro. 

Sampling is one-part science and one-part art. Knowing how to get your sounds into the proper tools and chopped to your liking is only half of the equation. Applying the right effects and your artistic signature is what brings the samples to life! Stoni will also help you understand how to properly handle and process your sounds to give them the character and delivery you really want. 

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Importing Samples into Ableton

  • Chopping/Slicing Samples Properly

  • Warping Samples

  • Loading Samples in Drum Kits

  • Loading Samples in Simpler

  • Layering Samples

  • Processing Samples

  • And so much more...

About Stoni

Stoni Pyramind Mentor

This edgy powerhouse is a Brooklyn, NY native who grew up listening to everything from Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder to Prince and The Rolling Stones. While interning at several major recording studios in New York City, Stoni gained a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the music and recording industry and discovered a love for sound design. It was her competitive nature that drove her to become first female producer to ever compete in a beat battle and win. She was also the first female to compete in and win an international beat battle title. Stoni has been featured in several magazines, including being the first female music producer featured in Scratch Magazine, the hip hop music producer’s bible. 

Trailblazer” should be her middle name, because Stoni never follows trends, she creates them. Not one for sitting still, she is constantly learning and mastering the intricacies of music production hardware and software, as well as being dead center on the pulse of the music industry. She broke barriers again 3 years ago by becoming the first female producer to be a featured artist and software demonstrator for Native Instruments. When that was no longer enough of a challenge for her, she changed directions once again and began working with music technology transforming company, Roli. Working as a Research and Development contributor for the newly released Roli consumer product “Blocks”, her knowledge and mastery of music seems to have no boundaries.

Stoni is also in the studio right now working on new music to be released in the Winter of 2017. Using Native Instruments’ Maschine and the Ableton Push as her weapons of choice, Stoni is taking music making to a whole new level. Having mastered the most popular production tools of the music industry, the sky’s the limit.