Producing a Remix with Kriss Walas | February 26th, 6-8pm PST

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What timing! This remix workshop just happens to be occurring while Kriss Walas has a remix contest live over on! This is a unique opportunity for you to work closely with a producer who understands the many ways in which music can be arranged and rearranged to grab peoples' attention and make them take notice. 

In today's music scene, getting a remix out is a fantastic way to introduce your skills in new communities and make a name for yourself. Kriss has experience on both sides of the remix process and will share valuable insights and tips as he walks you through the deconstruction of a song and the creation of a remix in real-time!

From instrument selection to topline writing, this 2 hour event will cover a lot of ground quickly, so make sure you have your questions ready! When you leave, you will feel more confident and informed about how remixes come together and even how remix contests tend to work. 

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Deconstructing Songs
  • Instrument & Sound Selection
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Building Templates & Workflows
  • Composition & Arranging
  • Critical Analysis
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Open Q&A

Your ticket gets you:

  • A seat in the workshop
  • 1 month FREE streaming of workshop video
  • FREE exclusive content

*This workshop is an online event. You will receive your personal invite link shortly after ticket sales end prior to the event starting. Please be ready in advance, with a dependable internet connection. Headphones are recommended. 

About Kriss:

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For the last 17 years music has been Kriss' life. Growing up he played guitar in bands and toured. In college he DJed all over the West Coast and earned several residencies.

Kriss is the CEO of Continuum Music Studio the Founder of The Music and Recording Arts Academy. The MRAA is a one-on-one education facility, which has been helping artists reach their dreams in music since 2010. He is also an artist under the name Heart Rate, writing, producing, and engineering all his music. 

Kriss specializes in advanced mixing/mastering, songwriting, composition & arrangement, and music production across all genres of EDM, Rock, and Pop.

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