Advanced Sampling Techniques in Ableton Live with Adam Partridge (Atropolis) | April 4th, 7-9pm Pacific

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Join us for this fun in-person workshop at Pyramind in San Francisco!

Sampling is a powerful technique that can inspire an entire song, it can help you achieve the sound you are looking for, it can also make or break a track.  This workshop will explore the various tools in Ableton Live that will help you control your samples, giving you more creative freedom.  

A brief history introduction will start the workshop to help define its roots and applications in music.  Next up, a discussion on where to find samples, and the legality behind clearing samples vs. royalty free samples will open up the endless sources of sampling. Following, Live’s sampling tools, simpler, slice mode, slice to MIDI, and others will be discussed in great detail.  

Various examples of sampling will be demonstrated in the process of starting a song to help inspire real ways of adapting these tools into your own production’s.  New features of Live 10 will also be explored in reference to the art of sampling.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Understanding formats and terminology
  • Recording sounds
  • Importing into Ableton
  • Editing audio creatively
  • Manipulating & warping
  • Layering sounds
  • Using effects racks
  • Achieving a professional sound
  • Countless tips & tricks
  • And so much more...

About Adam:

Adam Partridge smaller crop.png

Adam Partridge aka Atropolis is a former senior Ableton Live instructor at Dubspot NYC, with a lifetime of musical training, Adam has various release on an array of international indie labels such as, Six Degrees Records, Man Recordings, Soundway Records, and Fania.  He has remixed grammy award winning artists Celia Cruz and Willie Colon, and has had his work licensed in the TV series, Power, as well as Adidas, and Bacardi commercials.  

Atropolis is Adam’s alias that explores his global influences that combines world music with contemporary forms of electronic;  his collaborated remix, “Batuque” for Dom La Nena, has over 1.8 million plays on Spotify, is a fusion of traditional Brazilian folk fused with trap and juke elements.