Faster Songwriting in Ableton Live with Jamie Blake | April 6th, 7-9pm Pacific

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Ableton 10 has so many workflow improvements waiting to help you speed up the production process and make better music as a result. In this online workshop, Ableton Certified Trainer Jamie Blake will lead you through his workflow showing you countless tips, tricks and best practices along the way. You will leave this class feeling more confident about your production skills and knowledge of Ableton Live in general. 

See how using Session View and Arrangement View in tandem can help you create quick melodic and beat iterations to advance the development of your arrangement easily. Learn how subtractive composition can help you build solid arrangements faster and how to leverage different musical elements to keep the production process moving along smoothly.

Jamie has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share from his years in the studio, on stage and in the classroom. From writing melodies to sound design, and from tool selection to mixing tips, he will help you discover how your current workflows can improve and common mistakes to avoid, regardless of the kind of music you are producing.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Creating custom production templates
  • Multi-clip editing workflows
  • Resampling techniques
  • Using reference tracks in the production process
  • Using subtractive composition techniques
  • Using automation to add movement and interest
  • Understanding professional mixing practices

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*This workshop is an online event. You will receive your personal invite link shortly after ticket sales end prior to the event starting. Please be ready in advance, with a dependable internet connection. Headphones are recommended. 

About Jamie:


Jamie Blake incorporates jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronic elements into a style he calls Life Music. He has been creating and performing music for over 16 years, and has been an avid Ableton Live user since 2008. 

Jamie has been performing and creating music since 2000, when he began playing drums and percussion. He studied jazz, drum corps and orchestral drumming throughout middle and high school, before attaining his BA in Audio Engineering and Music Technology at The Evergreen State College. Currently, Jamie specializes in creating and teaching electronic infused hip hop, jazz, and soul.

Jamie has been using Ableton Live since 2008 to compose, arrange and mix his music. He has used Ableton’s Push as his primary compositional tool since its initial release in 2013, and currently uses Push 2.