Pro Tools Expert Certification Classes

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“The instructors are not only extremely knowledgable with the subject material (you can tell why he is Pro Tools Expert Certified), but he also was able to teach and relay the information to me in a very clear and concise matter. As a result, I would be inclined to sign up for any Pyramind class confident knowing I'll get a 1st class experience and level of instruction."

– Lou Belanger // Pyramind Pro Tools Student

Pro Tools 101:

This course covers basic Pro Tools principles, giving you the required skills to complete a Pro Tools project from initial set up to final mix-down. The course has been dramatically reworked and updated for Pro Tools 12 software.

  • Making your first MIDI recording.

  • Selecting and navigating.

  • Basic editing techniques.

  • Introduction to mixing / finishing your work.

  • Getting to know Pro Tools.

  • Creating your first session.

  • Making your first audio recording.

  • Importing media.

Pro Tools 110 - User Certification Class

This course provides a more detailed look at the Pro Tools system. It covers all the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system.

  • Understanding timescales.

  • Editing MIDI.

  • Editing audio.

  • Understanding automation.

  • Mixing – Use of sends, returns, and plug-ins.

  • Getting started – configuring your studio and session.

  • Controlling Pro Tools with external controllers.

  • Managing sessions and tracks.

  • Recording MIDI and audio.

  • Loop recording and auditioning.

Pro Tools 130 - Pro Tools for Game Audio

This course provides students with exposure to the core skills, workflow, and concepts involved in creating and implementing game audio using Pro Tools systems. It covers basic sound design techniques for both Macintosh and Windows systems.

  • Creating an Interactive Music Score.

  • Incorporating Realistic Vehicle Sounds.

  • Creating Dynamic Cinematics.

  • Implementing assets into Unity. 

  • Working with Dialog.

  • Incorporating Foley.

  • Adding Sound Effects.

  • Working with Background (Ambient) Sounds.

Pro Tools 201:

This course covers the core concepts and skills needed to operate a Avid Pro Tools HD system in a professional studio environment.

  • Editing techniques.

  • Using automation.

  • Mixing — In-depth plug-in usage.

  • Completing a session — Creating a final mixdown.

  • Avid ICON work-surface supplement included. 

  • Differences between Pro Tools workstations.

  • Introducing Pro Tools HD.

  • Customizing Pro Tools to your session requirements.

  • Session management.

  • Selection techniques.

Pro Tools 210M - Music Operator Certification

This course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools systems in a professional music production environment. Concepts and skills learned in 101, 110, and 201 are reinforced with practical music-specific examples.

  • Professional editing techniques.

  • Sampling in Pro Tools – Using software samplers.

  • Mixing and automation in music production.

  • Synchronization basics for music applications.

  • Using an Avid ICON worksurface in music production.

  • Preparing a session.

  • Tracking and overdubbing – Use of QuickPunch (TM).

  • Virtual instruments.

  • MIDI composition.

  • Arranging and producing.

Pro Tools 210P - Post-Production Operator Certification

This course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools in a professional post production environment. Concepts and skills learned in 101,110, and 201 are reinforced with practical post-specific examples.

  • Editing multi-channel audio in a stereo environment.

  • Mixing to picture, including snapshot automation.

  • Digital picture integration with an emphasis on working with Avid media.

  • Layback and export options.

  • Using an Avid ICON work-surface in post production. 

  • Synchronizing and organizing Pro Tools for audio post.

  • Working with linear video in Pro Tools.

  • Non-linear video in Pro Tools, including QuickTime video and Avid®-compatible media.

  • Video interoperability – Using Media Station|PT software.

  • Recording and editing ADR in Pro Tools.

Pro Tools 310M - Music Expert Certification

This course focuses on the advanced operation of Pro Tools in a professional music production environment. This course offers technical insights into both Pro Tools hardware and software.

  • Advanced routing and mixing – Expert mixing concepts.

  • Advanced automation – Pro Tools expert automation functionality.

  • Mixing with plug-ins.

  • Music delivery.

  • Expert focus on ICON worksurfaces in music production.

  • Configuration and troubleshooting.

  • Tactile control of Pro Tools – Increasing efficiency on work-surfaces.

  • Advanced recording and importing audio – Includes project interchange.

  • Advanced editing – Expert music editing techniques.

  • Synchronization – Detailed common aspects of synchronization.

Mixing and Mastering 301 - Pro Tools

This class is the culmination ALL of the subjects learned to date – from music theory to songwriting, production tools and engineering concepts. Each week for 16 weeks, student projects and mixes will be dissected in a workshop setting to determine what works and what doesn’t using a set of specified objective criteria chosen by the student. Once mixed, the song will undergo mastering both at Pyramind “in the box” as well as at a professional facility in SF – the final step on the way to professional delivery.

*Prerequisites exist for this class which include a minimum of: Ableton Live 101, 201 and 210 // Music Theory 101, 110 // Producing and Arranging 110 // Sound Design 101, 201.

  • Vocals and tuning issues.

  • Cleaning up noisy tracks.

  • Musical EQ’ing based on song key and mode.

  • Advanced automation techniques.

  • Preparing tracks for Mastering.

  • Maximizing song arrangement during the mix process.

  • Dissecting and understanding the emotional arc of the song.

  • Balancing the elements of the song with volume.

  • Advanced automation and FX routing.

  • The “6 stages of mixing”.

“Study your key commands for Pro Tools!!!! Nothing has made my job easier to get - and keep - than knowing Pro Tools."

– Ophylia Wispling // Audio Producer - Calm.com

Meet your Pro Tools Instructors!


Eric Kuehnl - Pro Tools 130

Eric Kuehnl is a composer, sound designer, and educator. Eric is the Assistant Director of the Music Technology Program at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. Eric was an Audio Training Strategist at Avid (he wrote the PT 130 book!), and a Senior House Engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America. His game audio credits include games for Sony Computer Entertainment, Technicolor, Namco Bandai, Ninja Theory, and Juice. He has also worked as a supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer on a number of independent films and documentaries.


Harry Gold - Pro Tools 101, 110

Harry Gold is a bay area blues and jazz guitarist, pianist, arranger and singer who has performed all over the United States, and Europe. For the last 9 years Harry has developed and directed the music program at Holden High School in Orinda, CA. Harry is also an Avid Certified Instructor, and teaches classes in Pro Tools and Sibelius. He is very excited to be heading up an audio engineering program at Holden High. Besides performing and teaching, Harry has been a working as a luthier, repairing and building guitars for over a decade. Harry holds a Bachelor of Music from the California Jazz Conservatory.


Steve heithecker - PT 201, 210M/P, 310M

In addition to years of experience in the music industry as an engineer and producer, Steve is one of the very first certified Pro Tools Experts on the planet and brings that skill and dedication to his position as chief Engineer at Pyramind Studios on a daly basis. In addition to co-authoring Pyramind’s “Signal Flow - Audio Fundamentals” and “Pro Tools - Session Secrets” texts, Steve has recorded the orchestral parts for the games “Iron Man 2”, “the Monks” for “Halo - Anniversary" and “Sunset Overdrive”.

Additional Information about building Custom Programs

  • All courses in the Complete are held at our San Francisco ground campus location.

  • Custom program students can choose from ANY of our existing individual classes based on need and satisfying all prerequisites.

  • Veterans and International students must choose from one of our approved Full Time programs and cannot build custom programs.

  • 13 subject tracks across 3 DAW’s (Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic Pro X).

  • Payment plans are available to qualified students with low monthly interest up to 2-years based on the size of a custom program.

  • Discounts on gear are available through our partnerships with Ableton, Mixed in Key and Sweetwater Sound!

  • All Access Studio Pass is granted FREE with enrollment of a custom program over $10,000 in tuition.

  • Tuition - variable based on the choice of classes in the Custom Program.

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