Sam Perricone (Local Dialect)

Local Dialect.jpg

Specializing in:

- Creativity & Inspiration
- Mixing & Mastering
- Composition & Arrangement in Ableton
- Ableton Live
- Remixing

Sam is a DJ, Producer and mentor from Philadelphia who currently resides in New York City.  He grew up playing the trumpet in concert and jazz bands for 8+ years, and began to gravitate towards electronic music his freshman year of college. 

After six years of DJing and three producing, Sam has made music under a variety of aliases. Never wanting to limit himself, he dabbles in everything from Trance to Trap, though his two most favored genres are house and techno. 

Currently, Sam is focusing his creative energies on Local Dialect, a production duo he formed with longtime friend and production partner Reed Tan. They produce dark, soulful melodic techno music, and have recently released their first remixes. He also produces hip hop/pop under his side project, M.Jay. 

Sam’s students get results because he provides a realistic and structured big-picture analysis, and also takes deep dives into specific topics. His positive approach to learning, plus years of DJing and production experience, help students overcome obstacles and find their own sounds. 

Working in partnership with Reed, Sam has developed a systematic approach to production that demonstrates the “when” and “why” of each production tool and workflow trick, not just the “how.” This fine-tuned system allows student producers to work through countless technological and creative hurdles, promoting improvement and growth along the way. From idea generation and arrangement to signal flow and mixing, Sam has strategies to avoid pitfalls and keep you in the creative zone.

Sam brings a structured, engaged, and holistic approach to all facets of the process, with a goal of self-satisfaction and success.

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