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Music & Sound Production

Your trusted solution for award-winning music and sound

Welcome to Pyramind Studios

Creative & technical sound services specializing in game audio and interactive media. Serving the music and audio production needs of the world's industry leaders and providing the guidance to bring your vision to life.

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Creative Services



Our composers bring years of music composition, production and implementation experience to your project in a streamlined and collaborative way.

Sound Design

We create expert custom sounds and ambiances designed to deliver maximum impact and evoke just the right emotional context.

Interactive Media


Our technical sound designers go deep into the game engine and middleware to help you construct your adaptive sonic world.

In-Engine Mixing

In-engine mixing is an art in and of itself. We help ensure that all your game mixing needs are met. Our expertly tuned 5.1 and 7.1 mix stage is the ideal environment to play test your game.


3D Audio


Augmented and Virtual Reality

Ambisonic and binaural location sound recording, custom sound design, foley and 3D effects for the most immersive audio experience possible.

360 Video and Cinematic VR

Working closely with platforms like Rondo360, RealSpace 3D and the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation allows us to take your spherical videos to the next level so that viewers can immerse themselves in your content.

We support current formatting requirements following YouTube and Facebook specifications including the use of First Order Ambisonic (FOA) audio channel layouts, ACN channel ordering, SN3D normalization, FOA components and spatial audio metadata.

Recording and Post

Post Production To Picture

Whether it's a trailer, short form video, or film, our Meyer Sound 11.2 Cinema Surround mix stage is the perfect environment to bring your vision to life.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Pyramind Studios is a complete audio pipeline solution with a commitment to excellence in sound for games, film, cinematics and advertising.


Voice Services


Talent and Casting

Don’t have time to review auditions? Let our team set you up for success. We know what to look for and will find the best matches for your project through multi-agency casting and in-house screening.

Talent Direction, Recording and Editing

Our staff, facilities, and cloud-driven project management system ensure both quality control and speedy delivery of demos and finished masters.