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Pyramind has partnered with the ILM Music Academy in India and is excited to offer our curriculum in sync with the existing ILM audio & music production programs. ILM graduates will have the ability to further their education internationally in San Francisco by attending the Pyramind Core + DSP advanced certification programs. The prerequisite screening and training with the ILM Academy will help cut costs for Indian students who are looking for international exposure.

But first … Let me rewind to 2008. It’s the summer and I just graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan with a financial management degree and was on my way home to work in consulting in the corporate world in India. Exciting right? Desk job, financial security, stable future, etc. Not so much for me. I knew I was lacking drive in that field and crunching excel sheets for days (and nights) was not something that got me out of bed in the morning excited to tackle the day.

My true passion was music, ever since I owned my first Sony Cassette player. This eventually led me to explore the world of DJ’ing in high school. It was the “cool” thing to do but I took to it a lot more seriously. Starting by bugging the life out of my parents to purchase CDJ’s for me in college, I train wrecked my way through every mix for a good year. Trying hard to watch and learn from YouTube tutorials and failing in frustration. I have to thank my friends in college who put up with my awful mixing and still encouraged me to continue with it.

Back in India I practiced for days and nights at home. Finally, I was confident to call myself a DJ and eventually picked up my first gig in Delhi, thanks to my good friend, Arjun Khurana. The music that I was hooked on was underground deep / tech house, a genre that was still evolving in India and was slowly gaining momentum in the clubs / festivals. This led to many more gigs in India and eventually touring cities, playing festivals and rocking the occasional basements in GK 2.

Students in Studio A at Pyramind Training, San Francisco

Students in Studio A at Pyramind Training, San Francisco

The scene in India at that time was developing but was on the verge of explosion. The current scene wouldn’t have been possible without the likes of Arjun Vagale, Nikhil Chinapa, Jalebee Cartel, The Midival Punditz, Submerge and many more. New upcoming artists the likes of Kohra, BLOT, Praveen Achary, Vipul and many more that I am sure I missed out on are making waves globally with their music.

I knew if I wanted to continue on this path of music & performance, I would need to start producing my own music. This led to my frustrating year of trying to learn how to arrange a kick drum in Ableton followed by some very stiff hi-hat progressions. I knew I had to learn this hands-on from a professional rather than YouTube. ILM did not exist at the time and the only alternative was taking short courses in Europe which did not work for me, I knew I had to learn from active music producers.

Students in class at  ILM Academy – New Delhi

Students in class at ILM Academy – New Delhi

This is what led me to Pyramind. The history of international students attending here along with the ability to be in SF on a long term student visa was appealing to me. Why San Francisco over Europe, Berlin, London? This city and the people in the music community are unlike any other that I have experienced. The events, the festivals, the diversity and the talent of musicians // DJ’s is unique. Not to mention the over-whelming humility and friendliness that exists in San Francisco. Going out to listen to my favorite DJ’s led me to meet an incredible group of like minded individuals. Fortunately, they gave me a chance and I also had the pleasure of DJ’ing some amazing venues in the city as well as release 4 EP’s during my time at Pyramind. 2 of which hit the front page of the Beatport Deep House section. I never imagined getting there that quickly.

After I finished the program, the opportunity to stay and work at Pyramind was too good to resist. Heading the Marketing at Pyramind and being involved in this field is truly gratifying. Not only is Pyramind involved deeply in the education side but Pyramind Studios, our production division, is a top rated AAA studio that works on everything from composition for video games the likes of Halo, Iron Man, Bio Shock etc, to mixing and mastering Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) and Bill Ortiz (Carlos Santana). The experience of the staff and team is deep, it showcases in the classes and programs.

That being said, Pyramind is excited to partner with the ILM Academy in India, I truly believe India is the future of music in Asia and education is going to play a vital role in the development of talent. ILM is one of the top music production training facilities in the country and Pyramind will be the destination for post ILM graduates to attend an advanced level certification at our facilities in San Francisco. A students focus could range from electronic music production, composition for video games or sound design for the latest movie, ILM + Pyramind graduates will be geared to become any one of those complete music & audio producers.

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