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In this tip, Ableton’s West Coast Brand Manager Javad Butah walks you through his Push 2 sampling workflow.

He starts with a blank slate and uses the browser on the Push 2 to load in a sample. He then touches on the various modes that were introduced to the Simpler in Ableton Live 9.5 - Classic, One-Shot, and Slicing. Using the Push 2, he sets the mode to slicing mode, turns the sensitivity down to zero, and turns Pad Slicing on - enabling him to create his own slices.

This setup on the Push 2 makes sampling on the go incredibly easy - simply trigger the first slice by hitting a pad, and hit a pad any time you want to create a new slice. After you have created your slices - you can easily tweak them right on the Push.

Javad presses the Simpler button to view the parameters, and sets it to Global mode so he can process all of the slices as a group. He transposes all of the slices down 12 steps. He then demonstrates the Auto Filter integration and tweaks the filter settings on his slices.

Now he’s ready to lay down a pattern - first he starts the click track and shows us how to turn down the volume of the click. Then he records a 4 bar loop, using the Push 2 to trigger the samples.

He navigates back to the mix window and selects a new MIDI track to start adding drums to the loop. Using the browser on the Push 2 again, he loads up an 808 kit that is included in Ableton. After tweaking the individual drum sounds to his liking, he demonstrates two ways to add drums to your loop - sequencing, and playing them live.

Next, he adds Expression Control, a Max for Live MIDI effect on his samples and drum kit. Expression Control allows you to use the touch strip on the Push to modulate parameters. He uses the touch strip to control the frequency cutoff on a low pass filter.

He notices that the loop is missing a lead - so he uses a clean, sine wave type of sample to create a west coast hip hop lead. He hits the scale button on the Push and selects B Minor (the key of his sample). This way, he can use the pads on the Push to play out a melody that is in key.

To top it all off - he adds an acapella to the loop. He loads up Notorious B.I.G.’s “Sky’s The Limit” acapella and gets to work. He trims the sample by changing the endpoint and cropping it - all on the Push. He completes his sampling workflow demonstration by integrating the acapella into the loop.

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