Working with Singer-songwriters | Producing Out Loud Ep. 18 ft. Trent Park

  |  Korise Jubert  |  

In this episode, Pyramind’s Chris Gear and Andrew Scanlan sit down with Josh Redden (aka Trent Park) to discuss how producers work with singer-songwriters. Josh is an artist, performer and songwriter working alongside artists/musicians on Def Jam Records, Warner Bros. Records, Def Jam, Vanguard and countless others.

00:00:50 - Trent Park Musical Background
00:09:58 - Practice your Craft
00:16:23 - Be Consistent on Social Media
00:17:13 - Be Humble
00:24:31 - Don’t Be Afraid To Talk Business
00:29:20 - Art vs. Business
00:44:08 - Writing and Working With Others
00:50:10 - Workflow When Writing For Clients
00:54:30 - 'Rules' Feat. A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi White & Trent Park
00:56:37 - You Never Know The Process
00:58:29 - New Release Discussion

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