The Breakdown with Matt Donner - "Boo'd Up"

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About Matt and the Breakdown 

Matt’s been teaching at Pyramind for 18 years and in that time, he’s been known for deconstructing songs as a means of explaining / teaching harmony, melody and producing with Theory. Some people even think he’s pretty funny :)….

The “Breakdown” series on YouTube is the manifestation of the deconstruction process and is well-received by the YouTube producer community with over 500,000 views across the series.

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About this Breakdown - “Boo’d Up”

In this video, he deconstructs Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” - a song with almost 300,000,000 views on YouTube (as of this writing!). Leveraging RnB chords, Dominance, simplicity and complexity, this is a great one to watch to dig in to deep chord production techniques.