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Frustrated trying to teach yourself?

We understand that it can be really hard to learn to produce great-sounding music on your own. This FREE class sample of our online Ableton courses will help you get started learning from actual educators, not YouTubers.

Since our online classes all come with 1-on-1 live mentorship sessions, you’ll get your questions answered by real people who really know how to produce. Turn time spent on YouTube into finished tracks!


Welcome to Pyramind

30 years ago, Pyramind was born as a music studio serving huge names in music, games, and business. During the home studio explosion, our clients became students - they built bedroom studios and they needed our help. We’ve been producing producers ever since.

We are San Francisco’s largest music production program, training the next generation of creators who play the biggest stages in the world.

Section 1 - Introduction to Ableton Live

Getting Setup // The Live Interface // The Basic Live Workflow // Clip View Details // Saving


Section 2 - Recording

Audio Preferences // Preparing to Record // Recording Audio // Other Recording Methods // ReSampling


Section 3 - Warping

Warping Basic // Warping Modes // Complex and Complex Pro Modes // Warping as Sound Design


Want access to the rest of the program?

When you enroll in the “Music Creation Essentials” course, you’ll not only get the rest of this class, you’ll also get:

  • Audio Fundamentals I - Learn the background in audio you’ll need to sharpen your recording and mixing skills

  • Music Theory for Live - Understand the notes and language of music in easy-to-digest modules

  • 4 live 1 on 1 mentorship sessions with any mentor on our network

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