Greg is a San Francisco native with over thirty years combined experience as an executive producer, creative director, music producer, publisher, music supervisor, educator and entrepreneur.

His passions and expertise lie at the convergence of music and sound production, interactive entertainment, and higher education. Clients include major game developers and publishers like Microsoft Studios, Insomniac Games, Ubisoft, Disney, Sony, Sega, Blizzard Entertainment and Zynga with whom Greg has worked on award winning titles including: Halo Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive, World Of Warcraft, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Tron Run/r, and God Of War. 

Greg has also worked with many recording artists including The Bronx, K Theory, Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, Joan Baez and Rocker T, and Rob Garza Of Thievery Corporation as well as high-profile technology brands including Samsung, Nvidia, GoPro, and Apple. 

Greg is a twenty five year voting member of The National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences and served on the board of The Grammys as both a Governor and Trustee. He has been a leading advocate for recognition by The Recording Academy for music in games. He is also a long standing voting member and active supporter of The Game Audio Net Guild (GANG), the world’s largest organization of game audio professionals. 

He has conducted panels, and lectures at SXSW, The SF Music Tech Conference, AES Conference, The Academy of Art Institute of San Francisco, and GRAMMY Soundtables.

Greg was voted entrepreneur of the Year by The Renaissance Center For Entrepreneurship and named to the 2015 Inner City 100 list (ICIC) in recognition of Pyramind Inc's rapid growth.


Gregory J. Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

// Creative Director



Matt Donner

Chief Academic Officer

// Senior Instructor


Matt Donner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Business Analysis (Penn State) and a Masters in Music Technology (NYU). While developing his Producer and Engineering chops in NYC, he soon found himself working for high-profile studios like Sound on Sound and Greene Street. He went on to perform for various TV studios and John Cale (Velvet Underground) that included 3 feature film scores with John Cale (Velvet Underground). After signing his band to an indy record deal, his cross-country tour brought him to SF where the drummer exploded - how typical.

Matt quickly found himself in high demand in the studio scene and became an award- winning Regional Technical Director for Guitar Center, and the Pro Tools Support Lead for the Cutting Edge Audio Group where he served as studio designer, installer and trainer for the likes of Joe Satriani, Metallica, Benny Reitveld (Santana and the SF Jazz Fest) as well as many private studios including Wally World (Walter A., N’Sync, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion). A crowning achievement during this period was to install, troubleshoot, deliver and support 50 Pro Tools workstations for the legendary Skywalker Sound during production of Star Wars Episode 1. He claims no responsibility for Jar Jar Binks.

In January 2000, he and Greg Gordon began working together exclusively at Pyramind where they began running the hybrid Production/ Training businesses successfully. Matt has served the company as Chief Engineer, Senior Producer/ Composer, Chief Technical Officer, Vice- President and now as CAO and COO. He helped grow the Pyramind Training program from a single 24 hour class to the highly-touted 900 hour 12-month Complete Producer. He has trained thousands of students, mixed/ mastered dozens of records and has published several magazine articles. Matt has also written two texts on Pro Tools (Thomson Press) as well as the Pyramind Training three-book series published (Alfred Publishing).

Matt currently lives in San Francisco and Davis, CA with his wife Kimberly and his two children, Marcus and Madison. He has been training in Mixed Martial Arts and Bak Mei Kung Fu for 10 years and on good days, surfs the Pacific at Ocean Beach on his Al Merrick 6’ 2” fish. The pacific usually wins. 



Daniel Blum began playing music at the age of three as a cellist; since then he has learned to play the gamut of instruments: piano, violin, trumpet, french horn, guitar, bass, and ultimately percussion and drum set. Earning his Bachelor’s in Music from California State University Northridge in Percussion Performance, Daniel worked in Los Angeles and abroad as a freelance percussionist and drum set player performing with the Debut Orchestra, the American Youth Symphony, the Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay, the Burbank Symphony, Music Theater West, the Santa Barbara Symphony, Suicide Cowboy, Culture Crash Orquestra, umbrellaMAN, and Tumbleweed Wanderers. He’s also recorded at a varied wealth of studios including Capitol Records, Conway Studios, the Eastwood Sound Stage, Skywalker Sound, Broken Radio Studios, Tiny Telephone, Hyde Street Studios, New Improved Recording, Panoramic Studios, Fantasy Studios. and many more. 

Moving to San Francisco in 2010, Daniel attended Pyramind to expand to the digital world of music production and recording engineering. After graduating he was quickly hired as the Admissions Coordinator and music theory teacher assisting in the editing and image creation of their Pyramind Training Series book ‘Music Theory, Songwriting, and the Piano,’ creating graphic assets for print and web materials, assisting in the development of their online class system, and jumping at any project no matter how varied.

Daniel is well-versed in composition, orchestration, and music copying and has worked on films, commercials, and video games as well as with various bands and solo artist in the Bay Area. His training at Pyramind allowed him to moonlight as a recording and mix engineer for various artist and his own project, Tumbleweed Wanderers, who’s first two EPs were recorded and mixed by Daniel at the Pyramind Studios. With the Wanderers, Daniel has performed, recorded, mixed, produced, and orchestrated three EP’s, two full length albums, has played storied venues the Great American Music Hall, the Independent, the Fox Theater, the Troubadour, the Bowery Ballroom, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and performed at many of the leading music festivals including Electric Forest, Hangout, Summer Camp, Snowball, Hardly Strictly Blue Grass, and Outside Lands.

After a two and a half year hiatus, Daniel returned to Pyramind and his role as Admissions Coordinator to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and students. He continues to be an in demand session player in San Francisco and produces, records, mixes, and composes for bands, solo artist, and his own work.

Daniel Blum

Admissions and Program Manager



Jeff Straw

Director of Marketing // Instructor

Jeff (aka DJ F) is an experienced marketer, DJ, guitarist, saxophonist, producer and remixer with over 25 years in the business. Prior to joining Pyramind, Jeff served as Marketing and Focus Ninja for Focus@Will. He was the Sr. Director of Product Development & Music Licensing at INgrooves for nearly a decade and was the vinyl and dance music buyer for Virgin Megastore SF before that. 

Jeff earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami in their Music Engineering program. He has taught several courses for Berklee Online, he's an expert on music publishing and an active member of NARAS. He has spoken on panels at conferences such as SXSW, WMC, Summer Music Conference and for NARAS and NARIP. 

Perhaps best known for his Destination Lounge San Francisco CDs, he was also a member of the 15 piece disco band called Superbooty.  He's had the honor of performing at Coachella, Black & White Ball, Funk Fest, 2nd Sunday, and most every nightclub in SF. As a saxophone player he has played and recording with SF’s finest electronic music acts including Dubs Alive Band, Bachelors of Science, Claude Von Stroke, Late Night Sneaky, Rick Preston, Julius Papp, M3, Garth, Jeno, and J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science. He has recorded for labels such as OM Records, CODE Recordings, Revive the Soul, Ideal Muzik, Sweet Groove, Housetown, and RTFM. Lately on a rock and metal streak, he's started a new band called Malvation.



Steve brings his years of experience as a recording and mix engineer to the Pyramind team. He is a certified Pro Tools expert operator and is always pushing the limits of what technology has to offer. Steve’s credits include recording the Grammy Award winning and world’s top male acapella chorus, Chanticleer, for the score of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

He also engineered the sessions for the orchestral recordings for Iron Man 2 the video game. Steve’s expert skills in the studio also include his production and mixing of the newest Bill Ortiz (Trumpet Player for The Santana Band) album as well as recording the dialog sessions and mixing the animated series for Halo “The Return” for Waypoint on XBox live.

Before becoming a full time staff member at Pyramind, Steve was the co-founder of Digital Art & Music: a recording studio specializing in hip-hop/rap and alternative rock music. A seasoned producer and keyboardist, Steve has worked on numerous albums and loves adding to that number. Steve has also written and produced music for live theater, film and corporate video.

Steve also co-authored the highly respected “Pro Tools 7 Session Secrets: Professional Recipes for High-Octane Results” for Wiley publishing, a book that brought numerous insider techniques to light for anyone using Pro Tools. Steve recently added his insight as a writer and designer to the upcoming Pyramind / Alfred publications “The Pyramind Training Series”. 


Steve Heithecker


// Senior Instructor

// Pro Tools Expert



Dale Everingham

//Sound Design // Instructor


Dale "D-Wiz" Everingham has played a big part in many successful labels, artists & studios platinum album sales.

He is the recipient of over 30 RIAA Awards and 4 Ampex Golden Reel Awards.  His is a two time Grammy Governor for the SF Chapter and 25 years as a voting member. He has worked with luminary artists such as Mazzy Star, E-40, Destiny's Child, En Vogue, Too $hort, Tony,Tone',Toni, Neal Schon, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Spice 1, Jonathan Cain, Tesla, Pharoah Sanders as well as major films such as Boyz In The Hood, Menace II Society, Last Action Hero, Juice, Sponge Bob and worldwide brands like Toyota, Apple, Clorox, SONY,Ubisoft, CapCom and EA.

Although many know him as a hip hop, vocal, rock & pop engineer there's almost no sound, mic or acoustic instrument that he hasn't recorded for Film,TV, Games & music. While engineer @ Different Fur in the late 80's the Kronos Quartet were our in house string quartet & Windham Hill records made there home there. As Live Oaks Chief Engineer I recorded Stéphane Grappelli, David Grisman, Bobby Hutcherson & ethnic music from around the globe as well as pop hits with household names like Destiny's Child, E-40, Too $hort & Mazzy Star. His own D-Mix studio offered full band tracking, mixing & editing with a full selection of microphones, great input channels & rooms. 

Dale taught Advanced Digital audio & Mixing at Cogswell Polytechnical College then moved to LA in 2011. Dale has also taught & directed the Post Production programs at Video Symphony & Columbia College Hollywood. All the while working with clients and making new ones & friends along the way.



Electronic music wiz/hip-hop producer for The Whereabouts and YBS, “Deks” came to Pyramind for the education and atmosphere, and to satisfy the curiosity he found in making music with computers. Fortunately, the melding of his passion for technology and music has brought him to an industry in which he thrives.

An early Pyramind student, Hideki has since graduated to become Pyramind’s IT Director. Deks works hard to maintain the technical infrastructure at both the 880 and 832 Folsom St. facilities, and the rigorous scheduling and technical requirements of a multi- room studio and educational complex. 

Hideki Yamashita

IT Director



Chris Gear

Training Network Manager // Sound Design Instructor

Chris Gear is a musician, teacher, entrepreneur and technologist from Portland, OR. A life-long passion for emerging technologies, music and sound has been the driving force behind his many endeavors over the last 20+ years. Working to provide access to knowledge and resources artists need to learn, collaborate and grow, Chris has established himself as a catalyst for evolution in our industry. He brings a fresh and innovative approach to sound design education here at Pyramind, inspiring and empowering our students to engage with sound and music in powerful ways.

Chris also heads up our training network, which continues to grow and will soon be larger than we ever could have imagined just one year ago. Community-minded and a well-respected leader in today's online scene, he's the mind behind many popular projects, including OhmLab and SoundFreqs, and helped to build impressive networks the likes of ADSR. He has worked with well-known companies across a wide range of industries, from Apple and Envato to Native Instruments and Loopmasters to help people connect with the resources they need to make their music, films, video games, etc come to life. A classically-trained chef, Chris is always cooking up something tasty, whether he's in the kitchen, office, studio or classroom.




Andrew has been playing music since he was a teenager growing up in the east Bay Area. By the time he was 15 and got his first guitar, he knew he wanted to be in and around music all the time. After high school he attended Santa Clara University (BA in Music, ’09) where he learned about music theory, music history, guitar performance techniques, composition and overall musicianship. This traditional music education provided a great foundational knowledge as a musician, but he found Pyramind when he started looking for more industry-specific skills.

In September, 2011, Andrew started his Complete Master program, where he learned about music production, fell in love with electronic music and gained his first industry experience as a Pyramind intern.

Fast forward to the present day, Andrew now wears a variety hats serving as Pyramind’s Content Manager and is one of Pyramind’s resident experts on Maschine from Native Instruments. 


Andrew Scanlan


Marketing Manager


 David Earl

David Earl


// Logic Pro

// Apple Certified Trainer

David is a composer, producer, author and educator. He has been working with Pyramind Training, teaching ground campus classes in Logic, Sound Design, Synthesis, and other music related subjects since 2000. From 2004 to 2007 he was Pyramind Studios’ lead composer and creative director and now brings his Logic expertise to Pyramind’s online training programs.

David is perhaps best known for his online avatar, sflogicninja, with a following of over 28,000 subscribers and over 3 million views on YouTube. Since sflogicninja’s humble beginnings in 2006, he has become a globally recognized certified trainer and expert for all matters relating to Apple’s Logic Studio.

As a composer David’s compositions have been heard coming from televisions, computers, and other screens since 1996. He has written for advertising, television, independent movies, video games, and just about any other medium in need of music. He has contributed to a diverse range of projects by industry leading developers like Double Fine, Sega, LucasArts, Microsoft, THQ, Activision, and ImaginEngine, among others. 



Liam Shy is a dynamic and passionate audiophile, dedicated to the world of sound his entire life. His work includes being a Music Producer, DJ, Sound Designer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Instructor and advocate for the electronic music community. Liam graduated from the Pyramind in 2009 specializing in Music Production, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering. He has worked professionally as a Sound Designer and Composer including work on titles for the Wii and nationally broadcasted television commercials.

In addition Liam has run several successful music projects, most notably DISSØLV, a live EDM band specializing in dubstep and psytrance combined with classical and tribal themes. The band featured Liam as the vocalist, guitarist and live electronic manipulator – alongside violinist Valentin Santana, keyboardist Lauren Keys and Drummer Zeta Ceti. The band has opened for Infected Mushroom on several occasions including performing at the esteemed Warfield Theatre (2010) and Fillmore Auditorium (2011).

 Liam Shy

Liam Shy

// Ableton Live // Mixing & Mastering // Instructor


 Jerome Rossen

Jerome Rossen

// Production & Arranging // Instructor

Jerome Rossen is a composer, songwriter and professional musician.  He is best known as the composer for the Happy Tree Friends. Since 2005, Jerome has scored the music for this animated internet sensation, recognized as the most-viewed web series of all time, with over 2 billion video views.

As a composer, Jerome’s work has been featured in prime time and cable television, film, video games, advertising, animation, concert, the internet and theater.  He is an active guest artist in elementary and high schools, leading songwriting workshops to teach kids how to write their own songs. As a musician, Jerome has performed in wineries, cruise ships, grand hotels and dives.



Eric Kuehnl is a composer, sound designer, and educator. Eric is currently the Assistant Director of the Music Technology Program at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills  CA.  Previously, Eric was an Audio Training Strategist in the Avid Education Department, and a Senior House Engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America. His game audio credits include games for Sony Computer Entertainment, Technicolor, Namco Bandai, Ninja Theory, and Juice.  He has also worked as a supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer on a number of independent films and documentaries. 

As a studio technician Eric has a worked with many of the Bay Area’s best artists including Skywalker Sound, Pixar, American Zoetrope, Fantasy Studios, One Union, Polarity Post, The Plant, The Grateful Dead, Metallica, Santana, Les Claypool, Amon Tobin, and Blackalicious.  As one of only a handful of Avid Master Instructors, Eric has trained faculty at a number of music colleges including Full Sail, Expression College, Musician’s Institute, Savannah College of Artist & Design, USC, L.A. Film School, L.A. Recording School, the Art Institutes, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and many more.   He is the primary author of Avid’s Pro Tools and Game Audiocourse, and contributes to many of the official Avid courses covering Music, Post Production, Control Surfaces, and Live Sound. 

When not working as an audio guru, Eric composes and performs electro-acoustic music and plays acoustic and electric bass in a number of Bay Area bands.  Eric is the creative director of the Electroacoustica festival of experimental electronic music held at Foothill College each Spring.  He holds a Master's degree from California Institute of the Arts, a Bachelor's degree from Oberlin Conservatory, and studied composition at the Centre Iannis Xenakis in Paris.

 Eric Kuehnl

Eric Kuehnl

// Game Audio // Instructor


 Steffen Franz

Steffen Franz

// Music Business // Instructor

Steffen has been in the music business for almost 30 years and brings his many years of experience to his current positions. For the past 18 years, Steffen has run his own independent record label, Positive Sound Massive Recordings, releasing over 20 different albums and singles over the past decade and a half. He has also produced dozens of albums for other people and has deep knowledge in both the production and label management aspects of the music business.

In addition to running PSM for the past 18 years, Steffen founded a physical and digital distribution and marketing company called Independent Distribution Collective in 2004 that currently manages a catalog of over 600 titles in almost 400 independent stores (and a few major chains) across the US. Steffen also developed “InstantDistro” a turnkey marketing and promotion system that now includes Print, Radio, Retail and Web promotions as well as music licensing, artist management and booking as well.

Steffen loves all aspects of the music business and teaches Music Business 101, 110, and 301 at Pyramind, an audio production school in San Francisco. In 2013, Steffen was named President of Tarpan Records, an independent record label founded by multi- platinum, Grammy winner, Narada Michael Walden, based in San Rafael, CA. 



Will Marshall is a DJ, producer, teacher and technologist, originally from New Zealand. Beginning his musical career as a jazz trumpeter, Will started producing in his late teens, releasing a string of psychedelic breakbeat tracks with Broken Robot Records and playing festivals across the world.

After moving to Oakland in 2014, Will founded Coma Cartel, a production duo focusing on experimental bass music. He runs a small studio in Temescal, where he writes and teaches production.

An experienced programmer and Ableton guru, Will is expert in developing technology for live performance, working with artists such as Patrick Gleeson, Ill Gates, Freq Nasty, Mr Bill and the Fungineers to develop their live shows, as well as developing tools for Ableton performance.

 Will Marshall

Will Marshall

// DJ // Ableton

// Mixing & Mastering

// Instructor

Zaak Kerstetter Ableton Certified Trainer Pyramind

Zaak Kerstetter

Ableton Certified Trainer

// Online Instructor

Zaak Kerstetter is a music production teacher, DJ and artist who produces downtempo cinematic bass music under the moniker Zenotope. His musical journey began whilst playing guitar in punk bands at high school and continued to develop while living in Japan, where he became involved in and was heavily influenced by the underground noise music scene in Osaka.

With an appetite for the absurd, and an admiration for the subversive undertones of underground communities, he continued to experiment with soundscapes, hardware synthesizers and sequencers, and came across Live while living in New York City. Zaak was immediately attracted to the non-linear work flow and the breadth of possibilities that Ableton Live offers. Within six months of discovering Ableton Zaak moved to San Francisco, CA to attend Pyramind’s Audio Production school, where he graduated from the core program. He went on to teach as a faculty member at Pyramind as the Live 101 and 201 instructor.

Currently, Zaak teaches beginner and advanced Ableton Live classes at Art of Audio in Denver, CO, as well as for Pyramid Online. Zaak is the organizer of the Boulder Ableton Live User group which meets every month. When not teaching, Zaak is actively involved in producing and performing his original music and geeking out over his custom live performance setup.



Ryan Rey is a composer, guitarist, and teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. He writes music for chamber ensembles, symphonic band, orchestra, rock groups, videogames, ringtones, and film.

At the age of 5, Ryan’s first instrument was a bright orange and neon green plastic toy guitar and his first recording setup was a Playschool cassette player with microphone combo. Using this toy tape recorder, he captured the sound of his screaming voice and feedback noises. This was his first exploration into composition. Nowadays, classical chamber music, electronic loops, heavy metal, and a mix of other genres influence his music.

In 2009, Ryan was the inaugural recipient of the Glenn Glasow Fellowship in Music Composition which commissioned “Shaped By A Burr Grinder” for woodwind quintet. He has also been commissioned by Composers, Inc., Guerrilla Composers Guild, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Intersection Workshop, and REDSHIFT Ensemble. His compositions have been performed by Rodrigo Cortes (baritone), Guy Livingston (piano), Stephan Poetzsch (violin), REDSHIFT Ensemble, as well as numerous ensembles from CSUEB that include: Jazz Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Trombone Ensemble. Feature film soundtracks include: All About Dad (2009), Liquor Store Cactus (2009), and documentary Corner Stores (2013). Other film productions include work for: CSUEB, Dirty Shoe Crew, Hemogoblin Teradactle, and Hewlett-Packard. His music has been performed in France, Mexico, South Korea, Vietnam, and throughout the United States.

Ryan holds a B.A. in Music Composition and is currently completing an M.A. in Music Composition from CSU, East Bay. He currently teaches Music Theory and Piano at Pyramind and Recording Arts, Music Theory, Electronic Music, and Guitar at Fusion Academy. As well, Ryan is an Artistic Co-director for Composers, Inc. and also plays guitar (sometimes trombone and backup vocals) in the chiptune/folk/ doom/chamber music band, The Mineral Kingdom. 

 Ryan Rey

Ryan Rey

// Music Theory

// Piano // Instructor


 Shawn Mercado

Shawn Mercado


// DJ Instructor

Shawn began his journey into the electronic music world at the age of 15. As a high school student, Shawn managed to piece together a DJ setup and practice everyday until he mastered his craft. Shortly after graduating high school, Shawn decided to take the next step and start producing his own original music. He later enrolled at Pyramind and completed the CORE program in 2013. Shawn has performed at many world renowned venues & events including; Avalon Hollywood, Ruby Skye, The Regency Ballroom, Fox Theater, Sunrise Event Center, LovEvolution, Control LA/SF, Insomniac Awakening, etc. He has performed with artists such as; Noisia, Zedd, Sub Focus, Jack Beats, Madeon, Tommy Trash, Dada Life, The M Machine, The Chainsmokers, LA Riots, Blasterjaxx, and many more.

Shawn currently holds a residency at Ruby Skye nightclub & Control in San Francisco under his solo alias ‘M3RC’. While attending Pyramind, Shawn took on an internship in the studio department which lead to the start of a new duo ‘BNZA’ with Pyramind’s production manager, Mike Forst. The two have had recent success with their productions including an official remix of ‘The Wall’ by K Theory and their original track ‘Make Your Head Pop’ for Microsoft’s AAA title game ‘Sunset Overdrive.’ 



Bay Area native Caiti VerBrugge is a producer, teacher, and video marketing associate here at Pyramind. Her musical journey began at 9 years old, when she started playing the alto saxophone in her elementary school band. She continued with the saxophone for 5 years before moving on to the electric guitar. She self-taught herself just about every blink-182 song, before discovering GarageBand late in high school. The concept of making music solely with a computer was liberating, and Caiti continued with GarageBand until she found Propellerhead’s Reason. Once she started using Reason, there was no turning back.

She spent nights and weekends in college watching YouTube tutorials and continuously trying new production techniques in Reason. She came to Pyramind in 2014, after using Reason for over 4 years. She quickly became an intern here at our studios, and also volunteered as a teaching assistant for our ground campus Reason courses. Before long, she was hired as our Video Marketing Associate.

Currently, Caiti edits all of our video content and writes on our blog. She also teaches Sound Design in Reason online, and is our recommended Reason mentor in our mentorship network. She is perhaps best known for her Reason tutorials on our channel, which have surpassed 60k views on YouTube.

Caiti VerBrugge

Caiti VerBrugge

Video Marketing Associate // Reason // Instructor


Mario Graham Pyramind

Mario Graham

Avid Pro Tools // Student Services Coordinator // Instructor

Mario Graham is a Miami-born producer, DJ and engineer.
His journey into music began at age 16 when he began taking guitar lessons at School of Rock Miami, there he performed live at venues around Miami including Tobacco Road and Gibson Guitar Center in Wynwood. After leaving the School of Rock at 18, Mario began producing electronic music with Logic Pro 9. Soon after he formed an electronic music duo named MK:21 where he and his collaborator blended styles of Nu-Disco, Funk , UK Bass and House. Mario currently makes music under his solo alias' Mokṣa and sharc.

He completed a custom program here at Pyramind and has been working with us since March 2016, first as an Assistant Studio Manager and most recently as Student Services Coordinator and Pro Tools 101/110 Instructor.



Spanning a career with over 150 releases, he’s won a Grammy® nomination, had his own Coke® bottle for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, DJ’d the 2006 MTV® AVMAs and launched two comp series for Defected.

As a producer, you’ll see his name on the biggest releases from Moulton Studios, OM, Naked Music and Defected. He’s remixed artists from Jill Scott to Joss Stone and has collaborated with producers from Kaskade to Miguel Migs.

Jay-J’s syndicated radio show, “Live From…”, allows fans to “join him live from” his gigs worldwide, showcasing the latest tracks from his signature, Funky House/West Coast sound.

On Shifted Music you’ll find releases by Jay-J as well as some of the best talent he’s discovered while sharing his passion for House Music around the globe.

 Jonathan Parra

Jay-J Hernandez

Logic Pro // Pro Tools // Mixing & Mastering // Instructor


Brandon Roos


Brandon Roos has found a niche at Pyramind doing many different jobs. After completing Pyramind's Complete Producer program, he interned for several months assisting with content creation and facilities maintenance. Following his internship he was hired as a production assistant on Ubisoft's Watchdogs 2 where he assisted with dialogue recording of world AI characters. Soon after, he was brought onto Pyramind's production team as a dialogue editor, sound designer, and composer. Brandon has contributed sound to many games and other projects in the form of dialogue recording and editing for Watchdogs 2, Evilbane: Rise of Ravens, and Ice Age: Arctic Blast, composing music for HTC's Arcade Saga, and creating sound effects for Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm. On top of working on production projects, Brandon now manages Pyramind's voiceover pipeline. He is also a part of Pyramind's mentorship network providing one-on-one training in Ableton Live. When he isn't working on projects for Pyramind, he uses Ableton to produce bass music as Smoltron. He has been featured on multiple Team Supreme cyphers alongside fellow Pyramind graduate Cole Smithers. 

Brandon Roos

Studio Manager



Beginning as a student at Pyramind, Jimmy Su has since graduated to join the Studio Manager team after first working as an intern.  Pursuing music as a career, he decided to enroll himself at Pyramind to learn basic audio fundamentals, recording techniques, and music production. Coming in with zero knowledge of how sound works, he is now skilled at composing, arranging, and mixing in Ableton live, as well as recording live bands.

Jimmy is also a local musician and producer working with talent all over the Bay Area.  He spends most of his free time playing jazz or producing electronic music under the alias, Aurka.  The music he makes is performed by a live band, which hybridizes the electronic music experience with the organic energy of live instrumentation.  

As a Studio Manager, he coordinates much of the day-to-day operations in the facility, as well as interfacing with clients and students.  Joining the Pyramind team has allowed him to continue developing in a musical environment. 

Jimmy Su

Jimmy Su

Studio Manager