Online Classes & Certifications

For those who can’t be with us in person, our online course offerings are a great fit. DAW-based workflows will get you off the ground while fitting into your already busy life. Our ground campus instructors have tailored and created content based around our already proven teaching methods. Learn at your own pace and have access to videos for 1 full year. Classes are produced in high definition video & audio. 

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Certification Programs

Ableton Live Producers Certificate Program

This program gives you the full exposure to producing in Ableton Live. In one year you will progress though Live's devices and workflows, learning the DAW right along side music theory, sound design, advanced production and mixing. 


Logic Pro X Producers Certificate Program

If you've ever looked up Logic tutorials on the web, chances are you've already 'met' your instructor for the majority of our Logic courses - David Earl, a.k.a sflogicninja. By the end of this nine-month program, the Ninja will have prepared you for Logic certification, taught you advanced production techniques, as well as mixing and mastering in Logic X. 


Reason Producers Certificate Program

This three-course program will turn you into a Reason guru, flying around the virtual studio environment with ease and precision. Your first class covers the ins and outs of the software itself, while the later classes dive into two of the most important and sought after skills for any producer- sound design and mixing. 


Pro Tools Game Audio Certificate Program

For those seeking to transition from an existing career in audio to games, or those who love games and want a new career in this exciting field, this bundle is the best jump-start to that career move.  

Individual Classes

All our Online Classes are available to be taken individually a-la-carte style as well. You can choose from an array of classes covering all major DAW's as well as music theory, mixing, production & arranging, synthesis, DJing & live performance. 

How Does it Work?

1. Watch Online HD Video Tutorials

Available to stream 24/7, these are the primary resource for absorbing the information and serve as the “lecture” portion of each class. You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home anywhere on the planet. For those of you not interested in the projects or live interactions, you can simply enjoy the video tutorials and the interactive curriculum for a full year. We can schedule your classes over time so you can keep a one-at-a-time pace to fit in with your busy life. 

2. Forums

Where you can write your questions to the teachers and engage with your fellow students, just like in a physical classroom. This is where the conversation happens. 

3. Live Chat

Serving as your virtual office hours, these webinar-style video chats allow you speak directly to the teacher (and other students) in a live Q&A video chat. 

4. Projects

These give you the chance to show off what you’ve learned in the videos and get personalized feedback from the instructor (and your classmates) on your work. 

5. Certification

Programs involve class collections that offer Certification upon successful completion. Each class within the Program is 3-months long.


As a current Logic user, it’s good (and a little overwhelming) to realize how much about Logic I’ve forgotten or never knew in the first place, and how much more there is to learn. Thanks for this class. I really feel like I’m getting up to speed. This is huge!
— Morry C (Logic Certificate Program)
I’m learning a lot and having a lot of fun! This is mind blowing stuff! Thanks so much to you and the staff at Pyramind for putting it all together. There is just so much freaking awesomeness to absorb!
— Ron D (Propellerhead Reason Student)
I felt it was necessary to write this letter and express how I felt because my concept of Ableton has completely changed thanks to Pyramind’s approach to teaching Ableton.
— Serg R. (Ableton Producers Certificate)